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Gift Box Sculpt Pack & Textures

22 Jan
Over time photos of all TROWIX products will be added, but for now our newest builder items — the Gift Box Sculpt Pack and 2 add-on texture packs — Monochrome and Classic Christmas colors.  
3 Sculpt Maps and 1 Shadow Map make creating beautiful low prim gift boxes super easy.  Tintable textures let you design and match colors perfectly.  Three sculpted designs give you more flexibility of texture. Using one of the 2 box lids over your textured prim makes it quick and simple to add logos, vendor textures or any personalizing you want. Gift Box is 1 prim, Lid and your textured prim is 2 prims.  The Shade Map fits all versions of the sculpties.

A few boxes made up for display, with logo and without.
 And what gift would be complete without wrappings?
Two texture add-on packs to make your gifts look even more sumptuous and festive!
Monochrome Textures – Fabulously rich, shiny, elegant charcoals and creams with gold and silver ribbons.

Classic Christmas Textures Baked and shaded textures for the Trowix Gift Box Sculpt Pack. Happy reds, vibrant greens and pure whites mix together in festive textures to match all versions of Trowix Gift Boxes. 
 Of course you can see these in-world at the Trowix lil’ barn:
Trowix Main Store 
and on Marketplace:
Marketplace Store 
We are so glad you stopped by!  


11 Jan
Artful Logic
Owned by Trowa Alecto and Vix Delvalle, TROWIX is growing daily as a store in Second Life.  The main focus is crafting builder packs of sculpties.  However, customers can also find, ultra low prim inexpensive animated and scripted furniture items and textures for TROWIX sculpty packs – also a few gadgets and organizers.   
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