Vintage Fruitcrates Prop for TTT Courtyard

6 Feb

Last weekend, Vix finally got this finished for the bi-weekly Twisted Thorn gift exchange!  It’s cute, cute!  Her first time using nPose, but it all worked great.  I just love vintage “antique-ery” things and a good comfy place to sit! 

Great animated decor for anyone who loves, antiques, country life or primitives. Beautifully at home inside or out, it will add a lively accent to a favorite place. Spend some time with The Apple of Your Eye!

 Made with Trowix crate sculpties and some of Vix’s handmade textures, the heart-shaped apples are a unique way of telling someone how much….you like them. *goes all shy and goofy* 

* — 4 Single lounging animations for both genders
* — 1 Paired Lounge animation
* — 1 Unpacking crate animation single and paired (get help with the chores!)
* Owner adjustable positions through the menu

So, let’s see some of those animations!  They are animations, not poses so photos hardly do them justice. Animations are much more lively and fun.  🙂

One of the Single Animations – Unisex
The Single Unpacking animation 
Maybe not quite unisex, but still cute!

Time together.  I wonder if Vix and Trowa are hatching up something new!

This paired unpacking animation is so fun!  Chores should all be this easy!

 So, if you missed this at the courtyard event, it’s now for sale (cheap!) at the usual places.  



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