At the Wash! Bi-Annual Cart Sale

19 Feb

Yep!  Trowix has a cart at The Wash Bi-Annual cart sale.  Fun & Goodies to be had by all! Trowix and other vendors each have a cart with items on it, all items are 10L and under.  … so that means: tenbies, dollarbies and FREEBIES!  😀   YaY!  

Trowix Cart is here at The Wash and here is a look at some of the things on the cart!  Spring is around the corner and we want you prepared.  Please join us at this fun sale!  

First a little red wagon to carry everything to the garden — and to lean on when you get tired from all that hard work. O_O only one prim!  And only 10L during the Cart Sale

A cute Sun Light.  Hah, pun!  and it just might be FREE!

These are fun!  Only one prim of color for your favorite corner of the world.

And how can you grow flowers without a watering can?  It changes color texture when you touch it so you can get just that perfect shade of.. Rust!   



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