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Bright & Cheery New at The Wash sale

26 Feb

Happy weekend!  The “Lil’ Bit Rusty Watering Can” got soooo much attention at the cart sale that we thought some people might enjoy a watering can that was not quite so neglected.  

… so!  The “Bright and Cheery Watering Can” was born and put out on the cart.  Happy colors!  Fun accents!  It also has color changing on touch so you can have a color to suit your mood.  I call it the “Mood Can”.  Only $10L and only til March 9th. 

Baked & shaded textures add to a realistic look. 

If you like the bench, I bet Vix would set that out, too!  With animations! : )

Thank you for your time, have a marvelous weekend! 

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