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Oriental Garden Trellis & Accent

31 Mar

There are trellises and trellises and even more trellises.  Then there is a TRELLIS!  One that can be used indoors or out, large or small, as is or as a part of a complete build.  This graceful, well-proportioned sculpty is a TRELLIS!  From down-home tomatoes to uptown Tokyo sky-loft the elegant simplicity of this piece makes my imagination soar.  


Graceful lines & 5 traditional textures make a versatile pack.

 And a few examples:
Vix always has to make examples, I think she just likes playing with the sculpties. >.<

A classic Oriental beauty.

A basic weathered wood texture, just waiting for the roses.

An elegant & simple meditation area.  (texture included)

HumpDay is over, all downhill from here!  
Stop on by the ‘barn’ when you have a chance, the March Group Gift is about to be removed.  : )

Chickster the Eggcup ~ Easter Chic

28 Mar

Haha, I know, an eggcup of all things!  But it’s cute and adorable and cute!  Made to be a replica of late 40’s or early 50’s pottery.  This gal (guy?) is full of personality and just waiting to show off your prettiest Easter Eggs.  And after Easter, a darling vintage accent anywhere – maybe with a plant or a candle.   

With LOD 2, a sunny smirk and 5 textures, what’s not to like?

Really, she’s all she’s cracked up to be and more:

Early morning Easter breakfast or sweet display
Shabby Chick *groan*

Eggs-tra happy wishes to you!  

Find Chickster in the TROWIX  little barn or on SL Marketplace

Sculpted Flower & Grass Bases – Easiest Gardening Ever!

24 Mar

It’s planting time at Trowix and these new sculpted flower, grass and meadow bases make it simple as… well, dirt!  🙂 
 Okayokay, that’s a bad pun, but the sculpties are great!  Made to look as natural and lush as possible you’ll love gardening with them.  Annny kind of garden, even veggies and trees.  

For lovely meadows, fields and larger areas, these sculpties can be used on regular or mega prims.


Only 1 mega prim here for an entire field.  Lavish flowers everywhere! 
2 mega prims only.  Made fabulous color combinations.
2 round bases are only 2 prims and add so much to any garden.
Made to be as random & natural as possible, much more depth than a plain tree shadow.


The other pack is more oriented to showcase single blooms in various arrangements.  Wild or formal, this pack will show off your prettiest flower alphas.  Oh!  Did I say that a Set Texture script is included in each pack?  Handy! 

Rows and Natural variations make this a versatile pack for any landscaping project.
Both sculpt packs used here.  Stop by and see! 


Base 2 used with our fence sculpt – 2 prims total!
Sweet pansy circle around a tree. 


3 different bases used here for an informal natural garden & so easy to change flowers as the seasons progress.

Vix has planted so much I think I’m going to need a sculpted tissue… 

You’ll find these at the “barn” and on the SL Marketplace

Thanks for dropping in today, hope you have a fabulous weekend!  

Garden Watering Can Sculpt Pack & St. Pat’s Textures – New!

8 Mar

You’ve seen pictures of a watering can made for the cartsale at The Wash.  Here is the sculpt pack!  A one prim sculpted watering can, the traditional metal kind.  There are two styles in the pack, a standard sized one and a little stubby one whichlooksabsolutelyadorable textured in chintz and made up to look ceramic. 

Why 2 sizes?  Because sculpties are made with certain proportions and just “smushing” the big can down won’t get you one that looks stubby.  So, hurray for cute, short and fat! 

Some visuals, as usual:

Pack includes the 2 sculpt maps, 2 baked and shaded textures and a metal texture.

Looks like summer already!

Now you’ll see why Vix just had to include that metal texture. 🙂

Also, for the leprechauns who want to wrap up their pot of gold… textures to fit the Gift Box Sculpt Pack.  Baked, Shaded and the color of lucky! 

Shiny gold and lucky green!


Always thanks for stopping by!  
**oh yeah, this is the last day of the 10L Sale at The Wash. 

March Group Gift – Starting with the Basics

5 Mar

It’s our first group gift!  Bring out the brass band, the dancing in the streets, the wild celebrations..  Hmm, sounds a lot like Mardi Gras — but this is (wait for it… )  A PENCIL!  Not just any old pencil, but a sculpted mechanical pencil with 4 baked textures. You know, the kind found in plastic bags, pocket protectors, desks, under furniture cushions and melted in dryers, and now in SL.

It started out so simply.  Vix needed a pencil for her To-Do lists — she likes to erase the chores she doesn’t like.  Trowa, on the other hand, chews on them – I mean he *has* to have one to chew on.  

So, there you have it – and if you don’t, go get it!  It’s at Trowix Main Store only. And for Trowix Concepts Group members only. 

A faithful reproduction of that ever-popular and ever-sharp clicky mechanical plastic pencil.

Bright, bold colors just for fun!

 I just know this is the start of something.. bigger! 

Vertical String Hanging Lights Sculpt Pack

3 Mar

What   a   dumb   name…… 
…but…  Classy, fun, sparkly, little twinkle lights on a ‘string’ that look sooo good just about anywhere they are used.  Modern, contemporary, chic.  Glowy accents for home, store, garden.  Love those trendy stings of lights, but hate the prims?  This is a fabulous solution.  Need some lights in a steampunk-ery beaker?  We got you covered!  Club lights?  No problem! 

My imagination really gets going with these.  I know yours will, too! 

These are in Trowix Main Store and on SL Marketplace – finally. 

4 versions of hanging lights to suit most all spaces. These were made to scale particularly well with ceilings 10 to 20 metres & even higher.  The texture fits all versions and lets Full Bright show on the cubes while the strands stay dark.

 A few examples here:

This is one of the examples hanging in the Trowix barn.

Plants and lights make a stunning display.
Tint them bold or muted moody colors.

Even at home in rustic settings. Eye-catching!

 We hope you will have as much fun creating with these as we have. Wishing a pleasant weekend to all! 

*hmmm chandeliers, side lights, blinking lights, upside-down lights, lighted lights – I’m gonna make them all!  

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