Vertical String Hanging Lights Sculpt Pack

3 Mar

What   a   dumb   name…… 
…but…  Classy, fun, sparkly, little twinkle lights on a ‘string’ that look sooo good just about anywhere they are used.  Modern, contemporary, chic.  Glowy accents for home, store, garden.  Love those trendy stings of lights, but hate the prims?  This is a fabulous solution.  Need some lights in a steampunk-ery beaker?  We got you covered!  Club lights?  No problem! 

My imagination really gets going with these.  I know yours will, too! 

These are in Trowix Main Store and on SL Marketplace – finally. 

4 versions of hanging lights to suit most all spaces. These were made to scale particularly well with ceilings 10 to 20 metres & even higher.  The texture fits all versions and lets Full Bright show on the cubes while the strands stay dark.

 A few examples here:

This is one of the examples hanging in the Trowix barn.

Plants and lights make a stunning display.
Tint them bold or muted moody colors.

Even at home in rustic settings. Eye-catching!

 We hope you will have as much fun creating with these as we have. Wishing a pleasant weekend to all! 

*hmmm chandeliers, side lights, blinking lights, upside-down lights, lighted lights – I’m gonna make them all!  

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