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March Group Gift – Starting with the Basics

5 Mar

It’s our first group gift!  Bring out the brass band, the dancing in the streets, the wild celebrations..  Hmm, sounds a lot like Mardi Gras — but this is (wait for it… )  A PENCIL!  Not just any old pencil, but a sculpted mechanical pencil with 4 baked textures. You know, the kind found in plastic bags, pocket protectors, desks, under furniture cushions and melted in dryers, and now in SL.

It started out so simply.  Vix needed a pencil for her To-Do lists — she likes to erase the chores she doesn’t like.  Trowa, on the other hand, chews on them – I mean he *has* to have one to chew on.  

So, there you have it – and if you don’t, go get it!  It’s at Trowix Main Store only. And for Trowix Concepts Group members only. 

A faithful reproduction of that ever-popular and ever-sharp clicky mechanical plastic pencil.

Bright, bold colors just for fun!

 I just know this is the start of something.. bigger! 

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