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Garden Watering Can Sculpt Pack & St. Pat’s Textures – New!

8 Mar

You’ve seen pictures of a watering can made for the cartsale at The Wash.  Here is the sculpt pack!  A one prim sculpted watering can, the traditional metal kind.  There are two styles in the pack, a standard sized one and a little stubby one whichlooksabsolutelyadorable textured in chintz and made up to look ceramic. 

Why 2 sizes?  Because sculpties are made with certain proportions and just “smushing” the big can down won’t get you one that looks stubby.  So, hurray for cute, short and fat! 

Some visuals, as usual:

Pack includes the 2 sculpt maps, 2 baked and shaded textures and a metal texture.

Looks like summer already!

Now you’ll see why Vix just had to include that metal texture. 🙂

Also, for the leprechauns who want to wrap up their pot of gold… textures to fit the Gift Box Sculpt Pack.  Baked, Shaded and the color of lucky! 

Shiny gold and lucky green!


Always thanks for stopping by!  
**oh yeah, this is the last day of the 10L Sale at The Wash. 

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