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Sculpted Flower & Grass Bases – Easiest Gardening Ever!

24 Mar

It’s planting time at Trowix and these new sculpted flower, grass and meadow bases make it simple as… well, dirt! ¬†ūüôā¬†
¬†Okayokay, that’s a bad pun, but the sculpties are great! ¬†Made to look as natural and lush as possible you’ll love gardening with them. ¬†Annny kind of garden, even veggies and trees. ¬†

For lovely meadows, fields and larger areas, these sculpties can be used on regular or mega prims.


Only 1 mega prim here for an entire field.  Lavish flowers everywhere! 
2 mega prims only.  Made fabulous color combinations.
2 round bases are only 2 prims and add so much to any garden.
Made to be as random & natural as possible, much more depth than a plain tree shadow.


The other pack is more oriented to showcase single blooms in various arrangements.  Wild or formal, this pack will show off your prettiest flower alphas.  Oh!  Did I say that a Set Texture script is included in each pack?  Handy! 

Rows and Natural variations make this a versatile pack for any landscaping project.
Both sculpt packs used here.  Stop by and see! 


Base 2 used with our fence sculpt – 2 prims total!
Sweet pansy circle around a tree. 


3 different bases used here for an informal natural garden & so easy to change flowers as the seasons progress.

Vix has planted so much I think I’m going to need a sculpted tissue…¬†

You’ll find these at the “barn” and on the SL Marketplace.¬†

Thanks for dropping in today, hope you have a fabulous weekend!  

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