Sculpted Flower & Grass Bases – Easiest Gardening Ever!

24 Mar

It’s planting time at Trowix and these new sculpted flower, grass and meadow bases make it simple as… well, dirt!  🙂 
 Okayokay, that’s a bad pun, but the sculpties are great!  Made to look as natural and lush as possible you’ll love gardening with them.  Annny kind of garden, even veggies and trees.  

For lovely meadows, fields and larger areas, these sculpties can be used on regular or mega prims.


Only 1 mega prim here for an entire field.  Lavish flowers everywhere! 
2 mega prims only.  Made fabulous color combinations.
2 round bases are only 2 prims and add so much to any garden.
Made to be as random & natural as possible, much more depth than a plain tree shadow.


The other pack is more oriented to showcase single blooms in various arrangements.  Wild or formal, this pack will show off your prettiest flower alphas.  Oh!  Did I say that a Set Texture script is included in each pack?  Handy! 

Rows and Natural variations make this a versatile pack for any landscaping project.
Both sculpt packs used here.  Stop by and see! 


Base 2 used with our fence sculpt – 2 prims total!
Sweet pansy circle around a tree. 


3 different bases used here for an informal natural garden & so easy to change flowers as the seasons progress.

Vix has planted so much I think I’m going to need a sculpted tissue… 

You’ll find these at the “barn” and on the SL Marketplace

Thanks for dropping in today, hope you have a fabulous weekend!  


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