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Chickster the Eggcup ~ Easter Chic

28 Mar

Haha, I know, an eggcup of all things!  But it’s cute and adorable and cute!  Made to be a replica of late 40’s or early 50’s pottery.  This gal (guy?) is full of personality and just waiting to show off your prettiest Easter Eggs.  And after Easter, a darling vintage accent anywhere – maybe with a plant or a candle.   

With LOD 2, a sunny smirk and 5 textures, what’s not to like?

Really, she’s all she’s cracked up to be and more:

Early morning Easter breakfast or sweet display
Shabby Chick *groan*

Eggs-tra happy wishes to you!  

Find Chickster in the TROWIX  little barn or on SL Marketplace

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