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Carpenter’s Toolbox – Toss all your junk here

30 Apr

It had to be done.  All those pots, tools, flowers and shiny pebbles needed a place to call home.  In keeping with the gardening theme Trowa made a rustic look crafted carrier or toolbox or trug or toss-it-all-in-here-thing.  ..because I was running out of pockets and it holds annnnything!  

Pegged details & LOD2 make this sculptie pretty amazing.
All cozy by the fire on cool spring nights.
Plants? Check. Tools? Check. 

A classic design useful for role-play, antique, modern, shabby – very useful item.
Get it at Trowix little barn and on Second Life Marketplace

Don’t just make it!  Make it cute!  : )

Meet Trowix

28 Apr

Hey everyone!  I thought I’d really introduce myself and remind you that the Group Gift, the Retro Frame pack, is still in the store!

Of course, I’m still waiting on those pinups from y’all… so, I made my own.  O_o!

Check out these sexy gams! 


Patio, Pool & Garden Walkway Lights – New Sculpt!

26 Apr

No more stumbling in the garden at night!  No more Chevy Chase falls on a date!  These 1 prim sculpted light fixtures are a perfect accent light for gardens, pools, patios and walkways. A touch modern, a touch oriental, these are sure to become a staple fixture with the 2 included baked textures. Add sparkle to your builds with another carefully crafted light kit from Trowix!

That’s right, only 1 prim per light – Hard to believe.

Green & black textures included.  See the sparkle, not the light


Quite an impressive display for only 5 prims!

Get ready for your next pool party!
Available at the Trowix barn and on Marketplace .
Thanks for stopping by. : )

Fantasy Field Flowers! ^^ Textures!

25 Apr

Sometimes when you can’t find what what you want, you just have to make it yourself!  Which is how this texture pack came into being.  Whimsically sweet daisies and tender grasses in pastels and bolds designed especially for meadows, fields and flower sculpted bases.  

Loads of happy colors to use or mix and match!  
Made for fun, these flowers can look remarkably realistic.

They were made for the large meadow base, but look equally well on the Flower base clumps. 

!! These are so much fun – new flowers at a whim. : )

 Hoping you all have a wonderful week!  
Thanks for stopping by!

New! Hand Garden Tools Sculpt Pack

17 Apr

I’m so digging this sculpt pack — argh, okay, back to the details.

Finally!  After so many garden bits and bobs, Trowa and Vix come up with something good.  Something a bot can really get his hands into — tools!  

4 tools, crafted to be LOD2 and 8 baked & fitted textures.  Highly realistic looking sculpts. And the textures will give you just the right amount of shiny or left-in-the-shed rust look.  But don’t take my word for it, have a look! 

Don’t these look exactly like the tools your kids lost last summer?

Classic hand tool shapes work for most eras & RPs.

All 8 textures shown, but try your own, they texture beautifully!

Hooray for “real” chores in SL!  
Come dig-it at Trowix barn or get a special delivery from Marketplace .

Don’t forget the Group Gift is still out if you haven’t picked yours up! 

A pleasant Sunday to you.  : )

April Group Gift – 50s Retro Frames

17 Apr

As a thank-you for our loyal customers.  <3!! 
Two frames, one with stand and one without, just add your own prim and texture and you have a sweet keepsake or gift. I’ve added a cute little circa 1952 pinup just for fun… but it might be more fun to make your own! 

Just add a prim and your favorite pinup!  Girl or Guy ;p
Gramma was a hottie!  O_O!!

 Don’t forget to drop any pinups of yourself or a friend in the front mailbox so I can blog you and put *your* picture in the store! If you don’t, I’ll do a ‘bot pinup!  …and you don’t want to see that.
We keep a PG store, so please PG13ish type pictures – Thanks! 

 Get ’em here at Trowix barn.

Fluorescent Lighting always and all ways

11 Apr

Oh noes!  Seems like you just can’t get away from these.. fixtures, not in RL and not in SL.  Truthfully, I hate lights like this!  But, I’ve not seen a better (or any) sculpted pack of fluorescent lights in SL.  

These sculpts are made with creators in mind.  They can be 1 prim with included texture or 2 prims with your own artfully rusted or enameled texture.  They will scale to tall ceilings a single bound (ugh, but couldn’t resist).  They come with 6 sculpt maps, 1 shadow map and 2 textures. In all seriousness, this sculpt pack should be everything you need, and more, for fluorescent fixtures you want to make.  The possibilities for workshop, garage, office, home are virtually endless.   

Here they are, in all their industrial beauty. 1, 2 & 3 prim variations

 As always, Vix had to Test-Drive them:

In the barn awaiting your inspection – only one prim!  Yay!

In the shed made as a grow light with lovely rust.

No distortion hung at 16m – just use the separate hanger.
If you prefer flush fixtures, we have those, too!

Trowix, your lighting shop! 

Twoday I thot I wud try some thing elz

9 Apr

… somedays you just wonder…

Now we go get some tea and watch the window!  
…in sculpted armor! 

Clay Flowerpot Groups Sculpt Pack ~ Designer Clutter

9 Apr

Every garden, greenhouse and potting bench needs flowerpots. LOTS of them. Stacked and tumbled, tossed and planted.  This is a great way to add some realistic clutter for a very few prims.  At 4 pots per prim, no garden build should be without.. pots! 


A total of 5 groups of LOD2 flowerpots – that’s a lot of .. pots.

 A couple of pretties made with the pack:

5 prims of flowerpots ready to plant.

Our kind of “country living”. 

Happy Weekend! 
Run by the barn if you have a chance.  


Easter Pastel Textures for Gift Box Sculpt Pack *Pretty!

1 Apr

Just in case you need to hide something from the Easter Bunny himself, Vix whipped up this fresh as spring texture pack to use with the Gift Box Sculpt Pack introduced back in December.  Buuut.. ya know?  I think these colors would work great for other things, too.  

Baked, Shaded, Fitted and the colors of fresh flowers!

Silver ribbons, sweet colors — Maybe Baby comes to mind.  

 The Sculpt Pack for these can be found hereand in the back of the barn.

Wishing you a gentle and pleasant April! 

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