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Plant & Fern Stands – New Pack

23 May

It’s about time you got those plants and candles off the floor and displayed properly!  Or your list of SL relationships or whatever needs displaying…  It scares me to think about it!

Trowix has the perfect little table-stands. Works with many furniture styles from Rustic to Victorian to Oriental. 

Classic design beauties waiting for you to prettify.

Aww, such a cute stool & handsome farmhouse table.

So, whatever or whoever you need to put on a pedestal, do it with Trowix!
Find these at the Trowix Lil’ Barn & SL Marketplace

Happy Monday & thanks for stopping by.  : ) 

May Group Gift – Fan Trellis x2

19 May

Hooray it’s May!  …and May surely brings flowers.  …and flowers need trellises.  …and we have one. …and you can get it as a Group Gift this month.  

Lookie here:

Classic fan shape can be used for many eras & builds

I know, it’s kinda dark.  *cleans off the camera lens*

The nano mapped trellis is for smaller sizes and will hold its LOD much better with the larger bounding box at small sizes.  There is no need to use it for LOD for larger sizes, the regular map version is just fine. : ) 

We hope you’ll enjoy your gift.  
Come get him at the lil’ Trowix Barn.  

Using Trowix Crane Rezzer – How To!

18 May

You’ve met Chuck the Crane Rezzer in an earlier post.  He’s got a job, like me!  He rezzes your sculpt packs, making it so easy to create your very own copy of our sculpt packs that it’s almost sinful.  O_o!   It’s also a lot of fun!

His job is so important he even has his own vendor stamp.  It looks like this: 

This ‘stamp’ denotes sculpt packs with a rezzer included

 We at Trowix want to be sure that you know how to use our latest innovation.  It’s very convenient.  Takes up less space in inventory because you can pack up your sculpt maps, shadow maps, even textures.  The Rezzer will set, size, rotation, texture, glow, full bright, colors, prims and probably some things I’m forgetting.   And do it fast!  

You can see it in action here:
How to Rezzer 

 Of course, the items built with the Crane Rezzer are only suggestions.  We made this only as an aid to creativity.  Size, color, texture are what make a sculpty come alive in SL, and that’s up to you.  

Please enjoy this new convenience and stop by often for news. : )

Flower Ladder Planter – Practical Charm

16 May

This latest sculpt pack is a real charmer, perfect for so many places, a country cottage or a formal conservatory. LOD2 components you can use for various configurations keep prim use low and creativity high. You’ll love the options in this pack.  

So many options!  O_o

 Or use your own pots and accessories for a truly unique look.  Your pots, our flower bases, or our pots, your flower bases.  (and remember there is a single flower base free gift in the tool shed right now)  : )

This example made with 3 pairs of 2 flower bases
Only 5 prims total for a sweet splash of color.

Whether you make 5 prims, 7 prims or more; I’m sure you will enjoy the creativity this pack offers.

You can find these at the Trowix little barn or SLMarketplace.
..and help us on the way to grid plant domination!  

Hey Buddy!

14 May

Being a ‘bot can be lonely sometimes, no one to chew the circuit boards with.  Most humans are nice enough, but not many can really relate.  They pat me on the antennae and smile alot. Yesterday, wandering back to the tool shed after a long day of calling MM boards, I stopped dead cold on my gears. was there! who had not showed on the radar. O_o

Meeting Chuck the Crane Rezzer

It was another ‘bot, name of Chuck he told me.  ..and then he told me to leave *his* tool shed!  I said, “Look Bob-The.. err Chuck the Rezzer duude, you might be really smart (and he is REALLY smart) and new to this place; but you got to assimilate some manners with those capacitors”.   I won’t lie, he has a commanding presence and can be a little intimidating at first. 

Chuck’s new commanding presence at Trowix. Evil? or..

 Well, I talked to him.  As long as he’s going to share *my* tool shed, we might as well get along if possible.  We talked through the night, about circuit boards, scripts, request lag, servers, memory — irradiated a few flowers for ambient light…  Ya know?  He’s not so bad, just new.  He’s pretty entertaining, in fact.  I liked him, we at Trowix hope you will, too. : )

Ya know?  I think I might have a buddy.


April Showers brought May.. Flowers!

11 May

First off, “Whimsy Flowers”.  Cute lil’ guys with or without faces.  Bright colors.  Happy Smiles.  So easy to put one of these 1 – 2 prim flowers in a dull corner for some cheery color.   The pack also comes with the brand new Trowix sculpt rezzer.  

1 or 2 prims, LOD 2 , and smiles!
I just know this looks like your last family outing! 

Or add a touch of silly to a favorite place.

The new shop plants at Trowix Lil’ Shop of Sculpts.

There is also a Free, yes FREE!  pack of Flower Base sculpties in the barn and in the Tool Shed in the yard.  

You know it’s quality, it’s Trowix! : )

Drop on by the Trowix barn for the best flowers in SL & your gift, today. 

Rustic Wood Textures for Sculpties

1 May

I blame Trowa for this one!  He wanted a white color one.  Vix.. well, she made them.  They do look very nice on squared-typed sculpties and bring out the details.  Tables, trugs, crates, bookcases – You get the idea. : )

7 colors, 4 shades of each should do ya!

 These textures are all shaded, therefore they are not tileable without the shading line showing – thought you should know that. : )  But check out what IS textured with it!  

See?  Looks great on sculpties.  But what happened here?!!
Even complex looking sculpties can benefit from this texture.

 These are general texturing defaults for a couple of sculpty programs.  They will work 90% of the time or more.  If the texture needs tweaking work the repeats by 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 and so forth.  The offset miiiiight need to be changed, although I’ve not had to in all my experiments.  Change it by .05 increments until you have the shading set.  Texturing is pretty much a personal qualitative thing, so whatever looks good to you, is right!  : )  Some geek-speek:

Suggested Texture defaults:
Blender Texture Default settings:
Repeats U:4.0000 V:64.00000
Rotation 0*
Offset U:0.5000 V:0.5000

SculptCrafter Texture defaults:
Repeats U:256.0000 V:4.00000
Rotation 0*
Offset U:0.5000 V:0.5000
There are plenty of examples in the Trowix barn & yard.  Come see!  

Hooray, Hooray, it’s the first of May! 
or nearly. 

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