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Corner Cloth Drapes – Pretty Soft

28 Jun

Lovely soft drapey corners for loads of lace, warm blankies & whatever your imagination comes up with.  These sculpts have been carefully crafted for the most realistic wrinkles and drapes.  Smoothed to prevent sharp edged corners and wrinkles.  You’re going to love these! 

Round and Square versions in 3 lengths and looks!
Such a pretty way to show off doilies and lace. : )
There’s always a place for blanket or afghan now – cozy!
Perhaps a bit of needlework or scarf?  This is the short round.

 So, come on by and cozy up to some pretty soft sculpts. : )
At Trowix Barn & on SL Marketplace

Bomber & Bombette – Smokin’!

27 Jun

Meet Bomber and Bombette, they’re a blast!  And ready to turn up the adorable in your builds from jewelry to shelves to props.  2 – 4 prims of pow-er just waiting for your imagination. 

Fitted textures, Nano maps & script – everything you need!

 16 Facial expressions for you to use or to animate.

Fun expressions & particles add life to these lil’ guys.

We had a blast making these!  We hope you’ll fire one up soon!
You can find the happy couple terrorizing Trowix Barn & on Marketplace.

Flowerbox Planter Sculpt Pack – There ain’t nothing you can’t do!

23 Jun

One of our most versatile packs, these simple wooden troughs are useful for many builds and ideas.  From the barn to the bedroom, the stable to the table, you’ll find loads of uses for these LOD2 pieces.  

Features: 2 types of dirt layers, 3 pots equaling 1 prim, separate bench & box

 Plant flowers or feed horses.  Put bread on the table or flowers on the windowsill.  : )  A very like-able sculpty for all seasons.  Think manger?  Hmmm?  

Quick color for any Summer Place!

The most charming windowbox….horse trough?  : )

The cutest little flowerpots, you know you love the flowerpots!

Find these goodies at the Trowix Barn & on SL Marketplace.
Nothing is quite so charmingly homey as flowers on the windowsill! : )

Fantasy Fields Lots Of Dots ~ Textures

17 Jun

Like confetti for your grass, this happy, fun texture is designed with fields and meadows in mind.  10 alpha textures offer a variety of looks, especially when mixed on multiple prims.  : )

Tiny, delicate and colorful.

2 prims + 2 dotty colors = fast color for any area.

Plenty of examples at the Towix Barn .
Also available on SL Marketplace.
Thanks for stopping by!  

Lollipop & Sucker Sculpt Pack – Sunshine, Lollipops & Rainbows!

15 Jun

Just add your sunshine, we’ve included the lollipops and rainbows.  : )   I think Vix got carried away with the rainbows.  ^.^

Summery flavors and colors – 20 of them!

Carefully sculpted to avoid texture bleeding & excellent LOD

Sweeten your days and builds with a little lolli-liciousness!

 Just for fun, just for Summer, just for you – a specially priced pack.  : )
at Trowix Barn or SL Marketplace 

We love it when you drop by & don’t forget to pick up your June gift!

Regency Antique Firescreen Sculpt Pack – Simple Grace

13 Jun

A great way to decorate that cold, empty fireplace in the Summer months. Or to protect mi’lady’s delicate face and makeup from the fire’s heat while still circulating warmth.  It’s a fun way to add some period charm to your build. A favorite tapestry, needlework or cloth will display fabulously in the framed screen.  It’s made for ultimate texturing smoothness.  In fact, the entire piece is made for excellent texturing and LOD2.

6-8 prims for the entire build with your choice of ball feet.

 Styled after Regency era screens, this reproduction will be historically correct from pre-Victorian on. 

Perfect in your Victorian home.

 Note the fireplace perspective shadow, a nice touch of realism.  It can also be stretched for some very dramatic results – very Gothic looking.
 Also, easily saved from the attic and used in Shabby Chic and Traditional builds.

Add warmth and antique charm with this lovely piece.
Highly detailed, you’ll enjoy this alternate way to display favorite tapestries.

At the usual places, Trowix Barn & SL Marketplace.
Thanks for stopping by!   : )

Shaker Wall Pegs – June Group Gift

8 Jun

Simple is Smart!  This June we have the place to hang your hat, your keys and your heart, your stars, your candles, your.. well, your everything! : ) A faithful reproduction of Shaker pegs. Happily at home in nearly any decor. A Simple Pleasure just for you! 

June’s Group Gift is clean and simple for your Summer builds

Hang with Trowix. 
We’ll keep you in cute! and everything else.

 These will be out at the Trowix lil’ Barn.  Stop on by and pick yours up. : )

Fantasy Garden Firefly Catcher – Summer Already!

5 Jun

He said it was a wasp-catcher. She said it was a magical firefly catcher.  Since it’s for SL, they went with the magical deliciousness of the idea and we all love it!  Please allow me to introduce the Fantasy Garden Firefly Catcher – everything you need to create a lazy, sweet summer garden or woods accent.  And even more.  : )  

Rounded organic design, textures, maps&maps, script!

 This pack was made with full creativity in mind.  All LOD2 parts can be used alone or together.  The stick, the pots, the hanger … there are even 2 stoppers, 1 for best shape & 1 for best texturing.

7 fitted bottle textures & a graceful handle for you.

 Haha, and I think they had out 4 prims catching fireflies one night just to catch the right fireflies for the script! 

Annnd I’ll let you in on a little secret.. shhh.  
Trowix’s Firefly Prim Primer: 

The fireflies will fly right into that hole in the bottle IF..!
you center a prim juust under the hole in that lil hollow there

  Oh, I just realized how bloody that looks with “see transparent” on.  Made me think these would be great for Halloween, too, with dripping blood.  Kind of like Vampire Roadside Snack Stations. O_o

But back to our peaceful gardens, yes?
(oh no!  still sounds Gothic) >.<
I think I’ll just bug out… 

A lovely romantic spot for any roleplayer.

Liven up your scenery!

 As always, these are available at the Trowix Barn & on Marketplace.
Please help us add more bugs to Second Life!! 

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