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Swirly Ribbon Pendant Light – Swirlicious!

27 Jul

Swirly pretty for you! A fun light that looks great with so many styles and builds. 6 Baked Ribbon textures in metallic colors can be used as-is or tinted for the perfect color. A little light fun for house or garden. : )

2 prims of LOD2, 6 metallic textures — Shiny!

What could look cuter with Shabby than .. more ribbons? 

Looks sweet outdoors, too.  Great party lights!

You see lights?  I see.. earrings! Christmas ornaments! : )

…the mind whirls…
Come see at — Trowix Barn and SL Marketplace.

Warm Summer wishes to you! : )

Country Attic Bed – Pretty, Cute!

24 Jul

Another trip to the attic and we hauled this beauty down.  It might be prims, but you’ll swear it’s real wood and just as heavy!  

Stenciled or plain, our textures or yours, this handsome bed will make a great focal point for many styles and decors. 

Made for versatility in texturing and design.
Matches Country Attic Washstand, of course.  : )

A classic design for more options.  A retro look here.

We hope you enjoy this lovely piece, it’s one of our favorites! 
Stop by the Barn & pick up July’s Group Gift.
Thanks for visiting! : )

July Group Gift ~ A shiny for you!

18 Jul

A pickety fence with all the right points.  Capped. Smoothed.  Sanded.  All ready for you to fence in meeroos, errant partners and /or flowers.  : )  

In appreciation of our lovely group.  Thanks!
Pretty cute! : )

 Come get him at the Trowix Barn.
Wishing you a wonderful week!

Country Attic Table & Washstand ~ New Old

16 Jul

I don’t know which thrift store this table came from, but it’s worth finding a little corner of your home (and maybe your heart) for it.  It’s just that sweet!  : )  Only 2-3 prims for a colorful and quaint accent to any room. 

Great detail for the prims. Gotta love that enamelware bowl!

It matches the textures from earlier this week so well.
Trowa got those leg curves down to a … T.  ^^

Or try try your own textures, it textures beautifully. : )

 Hope you enjoyed the trip to the attic.  I know there’s quite a few more things up there to adopt and fix up.  : )
You can adopt this table washstand at the Trowix barn & on SL marketplace

A couple of things for Summer

13 Jul

Ahh, I feel as if I’ve been on vacation.  : )

The most recent addition to the barn is a couple of boxes of textures.  Antique-ish, attic-y, maybe a wee bit shabby.  .. or retro Gramma dusty. Muted, musty medallions for your creative needs.

This is the seamless pack, they also come with shading.

Lightly distressed, this pack mixes well with the seamless.

Looks like Gramma’s place, add tea and flower rug.  : ) Oh, and cat!

 And, a couple weeks ago… my sainted pappy’s gears and conductors… has it been that long?
Anyhow, a well worn baseball bat with textures was, also, added to the barn, just for the boys and girls of Summer. 

A well proportioned sculpt & 3 textures (1 tintable)     

Books or Baseball?  There is no question! 

 We do hope you’ll enjoy these additions to the Trowix BarnSL Marketplace .
Thanks for stopping by!  : )

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