A couple of things for Summer

13 Jul

Ahh, I feel as if I’ve been on vacation.  : )

The most recent addition to the barn is a couple of boxes of textures.  Antique-ish, attic-y, maybe a wee bit shabby.  .. or retro Gramma dusty. Muted, musty medallions for your creative needs.

This is the seamless pack, they also come with shading.

Lightly distressed, this pack mixes well with the seamless.

Looks like Gramma’s place, add tea and flower rug.  : ) Oh, and cat!

 And, a couple weeks ago… my sainted pappy’s gears and conductors… has it been that long?
Anyhow, a well worn baseball bat with textures was, also, added to the barn, just for the boys and girls of Summer. 

A well proportioned sculpt & 3 textures (1 tintable)     

Books or Baseball?  There is no question! 

 We do hope you’ll enjoy these additions to the Trowix BarnSL Marketplace .
Thanks for stopping by!  : )

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