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Dots ‘n Stripes ‘n Lace

31 Aug

Besides flowers are there really any other patterns?  : )

Two new textures from Trowix this week, dirty & clean.  Nice for shabby, nursery, coastal, numerous styles and items. 

Original patterns for your original designs. 
Seamless pattern, pretty colors!

And the dirty texture pack, full of dots in brights and bolds and comfy looking worn canvas – like plains. 

Happy colors, perky dots!

The colors mix and match well, many combinations with 40 textures.

 So, if you’ve a hankering for dots… or lace.. or stripes.  Run by the Barn or stop by our Marketplace store.

Dot’s about all for today!

Tea Cart… Wait. Flower Cart!

24 Aug

No matter what you call it, it will still be as cute!  

A wonderful, fun sculpt for all the empty corners in your Second Life.  Anything displayed on this beauty looks fabulous.  Vix started piling everything from breadboxes to flowers on it.  
On with the pictures:

Details, details, so many details!  Still only 16 prims.

Love this wonderful curvy handle & shadows for every piece!

Detailing like this makes it easy to be realistic with texturing.

Mmmm!  Pile on the flowers, the pots.  Make a garden on wheels!

A more contemporary version.  It’s easy to fit this cart into so many styles.

 You’ll find this beauty at the Trowix Barn and on Second Life’s Marketplace.
Come join us for tea!  We’re expecting you!  : )

Trowix & Texture Mania Hunt 3

20 Aug

That’s right!  One of the best full perm hunts out there and Trowix has a hunt giftie for it! The theme is “VINTAGE FANTASY, meaning its all about vintage, retro, creativity, color, grunge”.  Yay!

The hunt starts September 1 and goes through September 30. This is the hunt blog TextureMania 3.  Lots of goodies. : )

This is our gift:

Cute, curvy & free for the finding!

 So get out your sleuthing shoes and join us at the Barn!
…we’ll be expecting you on the 1st.  : )

Tripping the Lights ~ Fantastic!

12 Aug

Two new lights at the Barn.  Minimal designs that work with everything from antique to modern to do-it-yourself.  High style, low prim. : ) 

 First off – the Vintage Wall-Mounted Lamp.  We had fun with this one!

2 or 3 prims & LOD 2 – graceful & functional

Textures beautifully & looks great with our Country Attic pieces.
Of course we had to use one for the Barn Sign … and the moths.
Turned it upside-down and got this nice sconce-ish look.

 Next…the Olympic Torch!  

Actually, with no delusions of grandeur, our 2nd new light.  The Hanging Caged Work Light.  A simple hanging work light design with a sculpted protective cage that can be wall-mounted for marine applications or Steampunk to mention two. 

The cage is 2 prims to assure LOD2 and good definition.
No texture is really needed for this, just color & add shine.
A great repair light, but looks like sparkly jewelry inside.    

 Minimal pretties in the Barn and on SL Marketplace  for you.

 Hope to see you soon!


It’s just a … MESH!

11 Aug

Although the Lindens are still working on getting all servers upgraded to mesh capability, at Trowix — we have MESH!  One of the meshy things Trowa made in preparation for the mesh upgrade is now a gift for our group to see, feel, mush, smush, poke, bend and spindle.  It does require a mesh viewer & a mesh enabled sim. 

Ahhh, Sake cups!  or are those computer keys?  Both!

 ^^ Just a little reminder that sometimes you have to restart to get the results you want. 

A little dark, but you can see the smooth texture and shine.

I love how the subtle curves are handled so well.

 …but, as nice a mesh looks, it will not replace sculpts.  Sometimes a mesh will be advantageous, and sometimes a sculpt…sometimes a prim, too.  
You just need to know the difference…
Trowix knows the difference!  : )

You can receive your group gift here, at the Barn.
Thanks for stopping by!

Draped Cloth Hanging Light – Romantic

4 Aug

Slightly re-purposed for romance.  Have you ever tossed a scarf over a lamp?  Well, we did! A quirky-sweet lamp for your builds.  

We included 2 versions of the hanger for any ceiling height.

 The shade on this adorable lamp will texture beautifully with your favorite textures, but some pre-made baked textures are included — bandanas to quilts to stripes.  Hope you find a favorite. You also may enjoy mixing and matching the textures on the 2 shade sculpts. : )

Bright, cheery and baked!
The bulb from the Ribbon Lamp was used in this example.

 Building Tip: To avoid the “invisible” look to drapey sculpties, just pull a copy down and check ‘Mirror” under the Sculpt window on the Object tab and link with your other prims. 

***Our Rezzer does this for you, but it’s handy to know.  

Please hang well above cats & children. : )

Goodnight from the New Trowix barn.
Sweet dreams!

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