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Treats at Trowix – October Group Gift

15 Oct

Candy corn – what’s Halloween without it? Fewer calories, maybe; but not as much fun. Our candy corn has 2 nano versions small and half-again small, so you can make those calories as small as you like. And for fun we’ve added some happy, whimsy textures. So, go on, have some candy and smiles. 

Happy candies for our Happy Group. : )

What a group!

 Just stop by the Barnwear your group tag and enjoy! 

Oooh More Halloween! – Use now & Later

15 Oct

A clever little slightly vintage styled tin pail painted and stenciled with Halloween designs for you to make and take Trick or Treating.  Just 2 prims – it’s light without all the candy you’ll get! 

Made extra deep for more candy mileage. : )

Happy Fall Holidays to all!

 Because orange and black gets old after a few weeks, a sweet pastel colored floral with stripes for those romantic and nostalgic moods. 

Seamless coordinating slightly worn and faded, just comfy.

 This texture looks great on so many things, here on our Country Attic Chair.  Oh!  One of the colors matches the baked texture in the Country Attic Chair pack if you need the matching fabric. 

I can’t wait to get a good book and curl up for the afternoon!

Find these at the Trowix Mainstore Barn and on SL’s Marketplace.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend. : ) 

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