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Country Attic Loveseat – Love!

26 Nov

A comfortable looking little couch, a bit over stuffed for coziness and charm. Classic style and LOD2 sculpts will make it easy to find a place for this sofa in your builds. The specially fitted head and arm covers are details you’ll love. 20 mix & match Baked textures are included and a doily just for fun.  So much included to make your best build ever! : )

Casually comfy match to our other Country Attic pieces.

4 styles of Baked Textures & Shadow Maps for your own.

This is quality for your furniture builds.
Come see all the Country Attic furniture at the Trowix Barn
Also on SL Marketplace with free delivery!  

Have a marvelous weekend!

November Group Gift – Toasty!

24 Nov

Fuzzy, plushie, cute enough to eat pillows reminding you to stay toasty warm as the cold weather approaches. 1 Sculpt Map, LOD 2, and 2 baked textures – one nicely toasted, one a little burnt. Stay Toasty! 

Thanks for your support! : )

Me and my toasty friends.  Oh yeah! The sofa is new, too!

As always, you can find the group gift just inside the door to the Trowix Barn

Stop by with your group tag on and get toasty!

More Loft items – Ancient History!

17 Nov

Trowix has put some of the older group gifts in the loft.  This seemed a fair way for all concerned to have access to all the group gifts – new members and old, alike.  If you missed one along the way, it will be up there!

The loft you’re looking for is located here, at the Trowix Barn
Hope you’re having a wonderful week!

Lost in the Loft – Wonky Bargains!

16 Nov

Sometimes vertices just don’t go where you try to put them.  Or they just don’t lay down well for texturing.  Somewhere in the sculpting process, something just goes wonky.  (technical term) 

These sculpts are still use-able, useful and now — cheap!  

**True Story:
Vix sometimes makes small builds and people would ask her where she got this or that sculpt; because they hadn’t seen it in our Barn Store.  She would hem and haw about it and hope no one thought she was keeping the “good stuff” to herself.  Now these sculpts are available or available soon in our Loft.  : ) 

The first item in the loft is the “Retro Tables Sculpt Maps”.  Cute, retro-y, Fallout-esque, 50s kind of tables made to go with our Retro Side Chair.

Face it, you’d hide it somewhere, too!  

A little Retro-y entry way – just look at that table!  ❤ 

I really like that table — Why did they put it in the loft?!

You can find these tables, in the loft, at the Trowix Barn.

Only at the Trowix Barn – because Marketplace has no loft. 

Pressed Leaves Retro Squares – Textures!

13 Nov

Two new texture packs used and created for the Retro Chair Sculpt baked textures.  For the first time we offer texture packs to match our baked textures – we hope you enjoy creating lovely coordinated rooms and more. : )

*Retro Squares & Linen Solids*
Retro inspired squares come packed with linen weave matching solids for a versatile designing combination. Mix and match colors for edgy or subdued warm looks. Seamless and shaded textures for your designing convenience.

Some nice warm colors for the cooler seasons – Classic Retro

Warmth & clean lines make this very liveable combination

The other texture pack:
*Pressed Leaves & Heather Solids*
Naturally muted colors and heathery solids for mixing and matching will give lots of charm and creativity, too. Seamless textures make building easier and faster. 

Slightly edgy colors mix with organic leaves for a fun pack

Wallpaper or fabric — Your choice!

Some Retro Fall goodies for you from the Trowix Barn.  Also on Second Life Marketplace
Don’t forget we’re in the “Up All Night” hunt, too!

Retro Side Chair Sculpt Pack – Classy!

9 Nov

Inspired from thrift store and attic finds and designer showcases, this accent chair is fun, frivolous and funky. LOD2 components and included textures (some tintable) and shadow maps are featured in the pack adding to versatility. Carefully crafted to show off your colors and textures beautifully, we hope you’ll enjoy your retro chair.  

6 Baked Texture sets & Shadow Maps give you lots of options.

A classy, adorable accent chair to fit into so many places; entries, halls, bedrooms, bath, even outdoors.  

2 of the baked texture sets.  You can see the included ground shadow.

All they need is you!

You’ll find examples of this chair, as always, at the Trowix Barn and on SL’s Marketplace.

Looking forward to seeing you here!

I Love Trees Textures

6 Nov

Dots, hearts, nature.. ahh, nature — all in a cute retro fabric.  What’s not to like?  It’s even free for a slap. : )  

Just the touch in any season. 

The board is set to x / 25, so round up your friends for some free fun! 
….or the texture pack is available to buy if you don’t want to wait.  

It’s here at the Trowix barn!

Trowix is Up All Night

1 Nov

Yay! We’re in another hunt, which means… another giftie for you! If you need to clean up after Halloween, this is one hunt prize you don’t want to miss. : ) The hunt runs through the month of November and has the option for hunters to pay L$10 for the hunt prize or hunt for it in the store. Choose your poison! 

Old & New brooms to keep you busy…all night. 

Halloween clean-up is quick with a pretty antique whisk!

Brighten up a dusty corner with these 1 prim brooms!

Don’t you just love the textures?  So realistic.  : ) 

Join us, with your 10 little Lindens or sleuthing shoes, all night long during November at the Trowix Barn.

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