Terrain Lumps, Bumps & Hills

16 Dec

Everyone needs some hills to go over to get to Gramma’s house this time of year, but if you live where you can’t terraform like we do it’s hard to have those hills.  Voila’!  Like a bad info-mercial, we come to your rescue with… 

Enough bumps to knock your wheels out of alignment

Surround trees, pile up straw by a fence, make leaf piles – the included shadow maps will add to the realism of your textures. 512 x 512 for faster loading.

A festive country look for just a few prims.

We’ve used our Grass & Flower bases, Autumn Meadow Grass textures, 1 Lots of Dots texture (available free in-store for a limited time) & Vertical String lights for this holiday look at the barn. 

Under 10 prims for over 2000 sq m of landscaped terrain (w/o trees)

Come see the new pretties on display at the Barn. Or stop by the SL Marketplace for your special delivery today!

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