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Fresh Snow Baked Textures – Cool!

17 Dec

Snow!  What’s winter without snow?  ….rainy.  : ) 
…so we made some snow for our (and your!) virtual world. 

Baked Snow — isn’t that a Baked Alaska?  

Soft, freshly-fallen snow for the Terrain Lumps, Bumps & Hills Sculpt Pack. Easily tinted to match any existing texture you have or use the seamless snow included in the pack. Your winter never looked so real!

Pack contains:
**10 — 512×512 Baked Textures for Trowix Terrain Lumps, Bumps & Hills Sculpt Pack
**1 — 512×512 Seamless Snow Texture (to match)

So much snow we had to use a wheelbarrow to clear it!

Made with Trowix landscaping supplies (minus the trees)

Bring your boots when you visit our Barn.
or stay at home, if you must, and visit SL’s Marketplace

Have a great weekend! 

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