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Handy Dandy Peppermint – Candy!

18 Dec

Festive and fresh for the holidays.  Perfect for last minute group gifts, decorations and more.

Nano, Half-Nano, Wide — the perfect size for any project!

A sculpt pack to be all-season versatile for your builds. Nano, Half-nano, Wide & Regular versions make sure your peppermint will look good at any size. Not only are these tasty-looking candies, but function equally as well for hooks, hangers and nifty decorative pieces. You’ll think of more – enjoy!  

10 Minty Textures included!

Peppermint-y Sticks and a sneak peek at our Mason jar.

Get your Cool (mint) on, drop by the Barn, or visit SL Marketplace.
Keep warm!

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