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February Group Gift – Heart!

3 Feb

Hearts with personality and an organic look just for fun. …and for antennae, topiaries, lamps, centerpieces and more. The included texture is also the texture guide. Make a little whimsy just for fun!

Make a pretty & put it on the Flickr group!  

Thank you for being you this month. : )  We ❤ ya!
Stop by The Barn to pick this up!

Stacked Hearts – Amazing!

2 Feb

Five hearts… One prim!  Can you do that?  You can now!  

Regular & Nano Hearts – Make Big to Teeny

Stacked up hearts for walls, lamps, sweethearts and everything else you can imagine. At only one prim and LOD2 you can use lots.

These textures are included – Make more! 

Find your heart at Trowix Barn
& on Second Life’s Marketplace

Remember, we ❤ you!

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