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Round Jar Holder/Hanger

23 May

A 1 prim sculpt handle for hanging jars, pots and what-have-yous.  Elevate pots, baskets, balloons, candles and more quickly and easily.  An excellent sculpt for your builder’s toolbox.

The perfect fit for our canning jars & potteries.

Hanger used with Trowix garden hook & canning jar.

Hanger used with pottery vase, garden hanger, plant base.

Come hang with us at the Trowix Barn!
(I know, I really typed that….)

or on SL’s Marketplace

Pottery & Mosaic Vases

23 May

For colorful, low prim, decor-defining accents; vases are a natural choice. These potter’s style vases are encrusted with colorful mosaic tiles for a naturally colorful look we hope you’ll love and use over and over.

Classic pottery vases with a pretty go-with-all texture.

Hope you don’t stumble on this pile!

Perfect, pretty vases are at the barn, the Trowix Barn.
(don’t confuse us with some other barn!)

Summer Garden Breezy Lattice

18 May

Breezy and open lattice patterned seamless summery fabrics perfect for furniture, gardens and walls, rugs. 5 patterns with 7 colors each will keep your building inspired. (colors match other summer garden textures)
** 35 —  1024×1024 textures

Keep your cool with sweet pastel seamless coordinating fabrics.

Lattice fabric used on Trowix Country Attic Chair.

Make the prettiest summer garden with Trowix!
Stop by our Main Store  or get direct delivery from SL’s Marketplace.

Have a marvelous sunny weekend!

Folk Art Tulips & Gingham

18 May

Summery, sunny, whimsical and fun seamless textures just right for a cottage or garden corner. Matching seamless fabrics add versatility for builds large and small.
** 7 —  1024×1024 textures

Fun, whimsical, sunny, happy seamless textures!

Whimsy flowers sculpt pack also available.
These textures are available for a short time free on our Midnight Magic board… come slap!
…Or if you don’t want to wait, just purchase at our Barn Store from a vendor or on SL’s Marketplace.  : )
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