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Greenhouse & Store Window

29 Jun

Only 2 prims for a wonderful way to let in light and display plants or curios on your builds.  Whether used as a window or wall display, you’ll enjoy the LOD 2 frame and handy included textures.  Sculpted fitted window glass keeps it all low prim and easy-to-use.

Display items while adding architectural interest

Pottery on display at the …. Trowix barn.

A handsome window any way you look at it.

This would make a great candy display.  Let me know if you make one!
See it at the Trowix Barn.
Also available on SL’s Marketplace. Direct link here.

Shabby Worn Painted Wood – Pastels!

29 Jun

Versatile painted, scuffed and worn wood designed to look especially nice on squared sculpties.  Varied wood designs add interest to pastel and neutral colors.  Light and sun-bleached looks.

** 20 —  1024×1024 textures

Have year-round summer with this fun pack!

~ Texture numbers for 2 common Sculpt Programs:
For Blender:
Repeats Per Face U: 4.000 V: 64.000
Rotation 0*
Offset U:0.50000 V: 0.50000

For SculptCrafter:
Repeats Per Face U:16.000 V:256.000
Rotation 0*
Offset U:0.50000 V: 0.50000

Trowix sculpts textured with Pastel Shabby Wood.

Enjoy virtual DIY with Trowix!
Find your pre-sanded paint at the Trowix barn and on SL’s Marketplace.
Direct Marketplace link here.
Keep cool.

Kimono Prints 1 – Cute!

29 Jun

Traditional design elements and slightly faded colors make this vintage print perfect in so many settings – from pillows to clothing to walls.  Seamless design and coordinating accent stripes complete this set.
** 14 – 512×512  textures

Ginkgo leaves & plum blossoms for a vintage look.

Kimono print on Trowix Country Attic Loveseat.

We’ve put these in the Lucky Stepstool – free to you when your avatar’s first initial is called.  Or you can buy this set if you don’t want to wait.

Try your luck at the Trowix barn!
Direct Marketplace link here.

Basketweave Pattern Walkway

13 Jun

Inspired by brickwork walks and paths, these sculpted walkways will add a low prim accent anywhere you need a path, walk or floor.  Each of 3 designs have been sculpted for best texture-ability and for creative use.   6 textures designed especially for these sculpts are included.

Perfectly pretty for any garden, city or village.

Wood, brick or tile — or add your own!

Tiled walkway in front of the Trowix barn

Walk this way to the Trowix Barn
or receive a direct delivery from SL’s Marketplace.

China Rose Walls, Fabric & Paint

13 Jun

Graceful twining roses with a chinoiserie look on wallpaper with gilded plaster trims and on seamless fabric for your 3D building projects.  Matching solid paints are, also, included.  Tileable
** 32 —  512×512 textures

Seamless, tileable, shaded – and pretty!

Footstool & corner cloth drape with China roses

Take the fast boat to China!  Stop by our Barn Store.
Also available on SL’s Marketplace.

Country Attic Footstool / Ottoman

2 Jun

Over-stuffed and plush with button detailing this pillbox style footstool will easily find a comfy place in your builds.  Classic lines and LOD2 sculpts are equally at home with shabby or upscale styles.  The special 2 piece design makes it easy to use alpha lace and scalloped textures for a rich and detailed texturing. 
** Co-ordinates with other Country Attic pieces

2 piece design makes it easy to use varied textures.

A small assortment of baked textures is included.
Cozy vintage memories just waiting to happen.

We’ve hauled this from the attic for your vintage creations.  Drop by the Trowix Barn  for yours, today!  
Also available on SL’s Marketplace .

Wishing you a wonderful, warm weekend!

Summer Garden Soft Damask

2 Jun

Still gearing up for summer with 4 pretty damask patterns in 7 colors each just slightly worn and antiqued.  Soft summer pastels for a sweet variety in summer building.

Matches & co-ordinates with other Summer Garden Textures
** 28–  1024×1024 textures

Subtle summer colors on tiled & floral damasks.

Summer Garden textures used on our footstool sculpt.

See these in-world at our Main store
Lots of comfort & cuteness just for you!

Not-So-Shy Violets Textures

2 Jun

Summery, sunny, fresh and fun flowery textures just right for a cottage, beach house or garden corner. Coordinated seamless fabrics add versatility for builds large and small.
** 10 —  512×512  textures

Classic stripes, solids & fresh, fun flowers!

 This texture pack is available Free (YaY!) for a limited time on our Midnight Magic board. Just drop by the store and click the board, if the target number is reached by midnight, you will receive a free texture pack. 
These are also available for sale at the Trowix store at our every day low price if you don’t want to wait. And on SL’s Marketplace.

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