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Cloth Draped Basket – Lofted

25 Jul

A soft, squared basket/box with cloth liner for so many uses – storage, cats, spa and wine, to name a few. The draped cloth is made so the basket will need fewer prims to fill it. The 3 prim design offers more texturing creativity.

Soft, but sturdy-looking. Fill with your favorite things!

A quick snack at the beach house.

New in the loft and on the new board for a short time, at the Trowix Barn.

You can also find it on SL’s Marketplace.

Have a sunny day!

Lost in the Loft – Look UP!

25 Jul

Sometimes, we, at Trowix, have sculpts and textures we aren’t quite sure what to do with.  These might be from custom jobs, personal builds and experiments or past group gifts.

We see no reason not to pass these on to our customers — and usually it will be at  greatly reduced prices.

Enter the “Lost in the Loft” collection.

Remember to look up for Bargains & Bargains. Textures & Sculpts.

Almost everything in our loft is under $L100 – sculpts & textures!

(we do have a texture organizer up there, still a bargain at $L250)

Remember to look UP when you visit the Trowix Barn.  Trowix quality at lower than ever prices.


Traditional Woven Brocade

24 Jul

Brocade is a weaving technique often with gold and silver threads creating the design. Recreated for you in rich and subtle colors with a shimmery look for upholstery, curtains, bedclothes and more. Seamless design for easy use.
** 30 — 1024×1024 textures

Rich enough for antiques, colorful enough for tomorrow

seamless, soft, luxurious colors on our sculpted footstool

Stop by the Trowix barn for your seamless luxury.

Or get a direct delivery from SL’s Marketplace.

We’ll keep a light on!

Country Attic Farm Table – <3

21 Jul

Inspired by rustic tables the world over; our farm table is just the thing for a country kitchen or a castle hall. 3 specially made tops with various end caps will make your tables look their best from any angle. Tintable baked textures to get you started on your creative flight.

Nice Legs! …and the LOD to go with them.

A table is not just for food – potting table!

However you decide to make it, we hope you love it!

You can see this on display at the Trowix barn. You can buy it there, too!
Also available on Marketplace
Have a fabulous, fun, weekend!

Random Board Wood – Random!

21 Jul

Hardwood boards of various lengths for flooring, walls and furniture, a comfortable casual look with colors ranging from a tintable off-white to black. Seamless for your building convenience.

** 18 — 512×512 textures

Seamless 512 textures for faster loading & building

Some of the available colors

Vix has covered the barn floor with these, come see!

At the Trowix Barn.
Also available on Marketplace
Woodn’t it be nice?

Flower Treat – Precious!

21 Jul

Country. Casual. Cute. Sunny summers are recalled with these little seamless flower prints with gingham and stripes for your clothing, furniture, walls and more. Create a sweet kitchen, picnic set or follow your own creative muse.
** 8 — 1024×1024 textures

Seamless & Country fresh!

Our Chubby Bench is featured in a summery scene

The cutest retro chair on the block!

This texture set is currently on our Midnite Magic board at the Trowix Barn.

…or you can buy it right away if you don’t want to wait.
Also available on Marketplace
Cute is the Word!

Country Burlap Stars & Stripes – Forever

7 Jul

Handmade and homey with straight-forward graphics, country primitive style will strike a down-to-earth chord for your designs. Seamless textures with a woven look will shine any time of year for comfortable and cozy looks.
** 24 —  1024×1024 textures

Traditional primitive look in country colors.

Stunning for Coastal decor.

Cute for patriotic celebrations or any time of the year!

 Find your stars with the other textures and sculpts at the Trowix barn.
Or on Second Life’s Marketplace – here

Remember, you’re a star!

Wall Hanger with Base

7 Jul

A handy wall hanger that brightens up your room, too.  Indoors or out, you’ll find the perfect place for this hanger.  Use your own textures or our included baked textures.  A very useful addition to any builder’s or gardener’s toolbox.

Carefully crafted for smooth, even round wall-plate.

Tintable textures give you more designing creativity.
Some towel hooks for our beach house!
Lots of hooks and hangers available at the Trowix barn.

Or find this on SL’s Marketplace here.

Come hang with us!  : )

July Group Gift – Picnic-ery!

6 Jul

Just for our wonderful group!
A lovely 1 prim picnic table design for summers and parks and cuddles in the dark. Excellent texture-ablity with smoothly spaced vertices and capped ends. An optional ground shadow is included for realism.

 (Trowix recommends Rustic Woods and Shabby Worn Painted Wood textures for sculpties with this table)

The included Ground Shadow completes a summery look.

A perfect day for a picnic!

You’ll find the perfect table for the perfect day for the perfect group right here at the Trowix barn!
Come ‘n get it!

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