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Trowix Subscription Group – Fast Updates!

28 Aug

Trowix now has a subscription group! A subscription group does not use an in-world group slot. It’s also free. You will receive Trowix news of sales and releases by IM. We’ve added this type of group for convenience and choice.

It came to our attention that a number of our in-world group members were not always receiving notices. So, Trowa scripted this brand new, shiny subscription group to help assure that everyone gets our news.

You can now choose a Trowix group to suit your needs or just JOIN BOTH!

There is a gift for joining the subscriber – since it will cost you a teleport to get on the list and we want all trips to the Trowix Barn to be pleasant and rewarding.

Our Gift.  Sharp, bright & shadowed – for landmarks, upscale voodoo dolls & notes to your favorite milkman!

Our subscriber looks like this:

Someone eating blueberry jam seems to have just subscribed. Hit that green button…just avoid the jam!

As you can see, there is a button for opting out of the news subscription.  But we know you’ll never want to use it!

* The Subscriber is located to the left of the New Board in the front of the Trowix Barn.

It’s bright!  It’s shiny!  It’s cleverly scripted!


You won’t be sorry you did.

Granny’s Grubby Squares – Patched!

28 Aug

Florals, pinwheels and garden colors with decorative stitching in seamless patterns make pretty quilts in this newest texture pack from Trowix.

Dirtied, stitched, patched, shaded & seamless!


Matching seamless florals shaded and unshaded add dimension. You’ll have comfortable and cozy in no time.

Shabby & Oh-So-Comfortable Sofa.


For shabby comfort you can’t beat Trowix!  Stop by the Trowix Barn or make a quick trip to SLM for your cozy & comfortable.

Have a comfy day!

Fly Away Shabby Stripes – Practical Romance!

28 Aug

A bird on the wing carrying roses romanticizes these practical seamless stripes in medium pastels. Lovely on cottage walls and casual decor. ** 10 — 1024×1024 textures

Sweet words, roses & a dove make ordinary seamless stripes – extraordinary!

A relaxing bench for evening talks made with Trowix creative supplies.

Fly over to the Trowix Barn.  We have all the good goodies!

Also available on SLM, here.

Enjoy your day!

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