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Hold it! – Hug a flower

29 Sep

I needed some flower hugging poses and kept going, so…

Contains: 5 distinct poses with varied hand positions
(fits approximately .5x.5x.5 objects)

Show off flowers, packages, beach balls and so much more. Use with any animation system or script to get fun look for your projects.

When you left-click on the sales vendor in our store, it will cycle your avatar through the various poses.  Right click to buy all.

Available at the Barn

and on SLM, here.

Hug a flower today!




Victorian Cottage Walls – Trimmed!

26 Sep

Quaint slightly faded wallpaper with aged pine paneling and trims in 5 colors. Detailed textures lightly shaded for realism. Horizontally tileable with seamless wallpaper. A sweet casual look we hope you’ll love in two versions – light & dark
** 30 — 1024×1024 textures in each version

Sweet as a gingerbread house, all trimmed in cinnamon pine paneling.

Rich but muted colors. Lovely for a seasonal build.

A cozy corner made with our sculpts & textures.

If you make a little chocolate shop with these — invite us over!!

You can see these in-world at the Barn.
Also available on SL’s Marketplace.

Light Victorian Walls

Darker Victorian Walls

Wilma’s Plaids – Faded!

20 Sep

Worn and faded plaid, like the recycled broadcloth found in an old scrap basket. Repurpose to shirts, throws, pillows and wherever you need a soft worn look.

**8 — 512×512 seamless textures


Worn plaids for hankies, picnics & dusty western towns.


This set is currently featured on our Midnite Magic board.  Come by, bring your friends to slap the board and get these for free!

…or you can buy them from a vendor nearby at the Trowix Barn or from SL’s Marketplace, here.

It’s nearly Friday!

August Group Gift – Unplugged!

19 Sep

Nearly halfway through September and I finally get this on the blog.  >.<

It is still available to our in-world group members at the front of the barn

3 materials & dramatic shadows make this cup fun to work with!


A cute take on an everyday object, this coffee mug will have visitors and customers doing double-takes.


At less than 1 PE, it’s just waiting to hold flowers, pencils and even … coffee.


Drop by the Barn to get your personal mug, if you haven’t already.

Remember.  We ❤ you!!

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