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Details, details, details – for your walls

25 Apr

A detailed adaptation of classic Japanese wall scrolls to give almost any picture or photo a unique look.

Finally!  A place for all those anime pictures you’ve been collecting

…or even your very own photos.

TW - WallScrollVend

The mesh is made so it is easy to texture in-world.  Just select the front texture material and place your picture!

512 x 1024 size or 1:2 ratio is optimal, but you can use other sizes, just adjust to fit.

TW - WallScrollDetail

Original mesh with AO shaders and realistic wall shadow.

Extremely low prim equivalency (PE or LI), 7 materials and smooth texturing.


TW - WallScrollMP1

You can find these Asian beauties at the Trowix Barn

and on SL’s Marketplace.

Never forget … the details!

Sweet little violets

25 Apr

blooming in the grass.  Or not at all.  Your choice!

Versatile seamless terrain textures will dress your Sim or build for spring with fresh grass and sweet violets.

** 6 — 512×512 seamless terrain textures


TW - SpringGrassWithVioletsVend

Shown in the pictures with our Grass and Flower sculpted bases textured with Lots of Dots and Field and Meadow Grass textures.


TW - SpringGrassWVioletsMP1

Plant today!  You’ll never mow again.

Available at the Trowix Barn

and SL’s Marketplace.

I thought I saw a butterfly!

25 Apr

I did. I did.

You can, too, with our newest textures.

Summer bright butterflies, chevrons and weaves in fashionable colors will perk up any patio, wardrobe or build. Completely seamless for easy use.

** 11 — 512×512 seamless textures

TW - BrightButterfliesVend

Stylish bright prints and coordinates.

TW - BrightButterfliesMP1

Just right to chase those rainy day blues away!

Get them at the Trowix Barn 

and on Second Life’s Marketplace.

Spring! April Group Gift

11 Apr

It’s Spring!

A shabby little sign with the letters starting to fall off for gardens, houses or your attic is our gift this month.

TW - SpringSignVend_AprilGG

SO many in-world texturing options for you with 8 separate materials.  You will enjoy trying multitudes of textures to get just the right look.

Original mesh with Ambient Occlusion and Shadowed shaders. Extremely low prim equivalency (PE or LI).

[ 1 PE at ~ .33m x .95m x .08m]

TW - SpringSignMP1

Please be sure to have your Trowix Concepts group tag active when you stop by the Trowix Barn.

Click the gift box for your gift.

Thank you for being with Trowix through the seasons!

Add-on Textures for Sales Tag Mesh

9 Apr

2 add-on packs for quick texturing and fast sales

“RedLine Paper Tag Texture Addon Pack”

Attention-getting and bold these textures will will help drive your sales when used with our “Paper Sales Tag” mesh pack. Convenient for quick sales and group gifts.


TW - RedLinePaperTagAddonVend

**22 — 1024×1024 Baked / UV Mapped Textures for “Paper Sales Tag – 4 versions”

TW - RedLineTexAddonMP2

“Naturals Paper Tag Texture Addon Pack”

Stylish and fashionable, but still casual texture for our “Paper Sales Tag” mesh pack. Pretty!

TW - NaturalsPaperTagAddonVend

**22 — 1024×1024 Baked / UV Mapped Textures for “Paper Sales Tag – 4 versions”

TW - NaturalTexAddonMP1

Pretty, practical.  Quick, easy.

Less work, more sales!

Find your favorite tag at the Trowix Barn or on Second Life’s Marketplace, RedLine or Naturals.


Texture Add-0n Packs are textures only.

Tag! You’re it! Mesh Paper Sales Tag

9 Apr

Detailed, realistic original mesh tags ready to use or modify for your store and builds.

TW - HangingSalesPriceTagVend

Clever shadowed taped version for flat surfaced vendors & bulletin boards, too.

TW - PaperSalesTagMP2

Nano versions are included for your tiniest prices and sizes.

Kraft paper textures old and new with Ambient Occlusion Extremely low prim equivalency (PE or LI).


TW - PaperTagDetail2


Just think!  You can tag your old luggage, tag your store sales, tag your dog – you can tag anything!

Only 1 prim.  Keep them handy.


TW - PaperSalesTagMP3

Find all the tags you need at:

Trowix Barn

Second Life Marketplace.


Tag, you’re it!

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