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Craftsman Table & Textures – Simply Shabby

27 May

A simple end table in the Craftsman style, known for clean, straightforward design and precise details is a perennial favorite of decorators and designers.

TW - CraftsmanEndTableVend

Two versions included.  One with shadow and one without shadow.  Both versions are a single prim with exceptional LOD which means it won’t crumple at an average draw distance.. or even half-way across a sim!

TW - CraftsmanTableMP1

Shown here as a beachy accessory textured with sun-weathered wood from our “Garden Party” texture add-on pack.

Textures?!  We have them.  Pre-made pretties for fast and easy building.

TW - GardenPartyTextureAddonTableVend

Sun-drenched, shabby, stenciled woods made especially for “Craftsman Style End Table” Mesh Pack.

Remember, you can easily mix and match these textures on the table.  7 texturing surfaces to work with means plenty of creativity for you!

TW - GardenPartyCraftsmanTableMP1

Just add some lemonade and you’re ready for a long lazy afternoon.

The Craftsman table and “Garden Party” textures can be seen at the Trowix Barn

and on Second Life Marketplace.

Save me some lemonade!

We Love Our Group! XOXOX Mesh Letters

12 May

May, time for some group love!

So we are sending you xoxox.

X and O, kiss and hug. Now you can have lots of them for walls and tabletops without worrying about prims. Low prim mesh is always the answer, always.


TW - XOXOXLettersMeshMayGG


2 versions of this original mesh are included in the pack with AO shaders and realistic wall and floor shadows.

…and some pretty cute textures.


TW - XOXOXLettersMP1

[approximately 1 – 2 PE / LI at nomal use size]

Drop by the Trowix Barn.  Don’t forget your Group Tag!

…and get yourself a little love

Wood Parquet and Marble – Easy Elegance

10 May

The elegance of parquet flooring blended with the rustic appeal of reclaimed barnwood creates a versatile look for floors, ceiling and furniture.

** 11 — 512×512 textures

TW - ReclaimedParquetVend

Tileable for your building convenience.

TW - ReclaimedParquetColorsVend

Moody muted colors and shades of gray combined with rustic parquet are perfect for fantasy and RP builds.


TW - SeamlessUnpolishedMarbleVend

A natural look marble for jewelry, gardens and accents in 8 realistic colors.

Mix and coordinate these textures and in no time, you will have some easy elegance for yourself and your friends.

Available at the Trowix Barn

and on Second Life’s Marketplace – Wood Parquet, Wood Parquet Colors and Seamless Marble

Happy texturing!

Tic Tac Toe – X X O!

5 May

A classic game with a clever presentation makes this mesh a natural to accent a home or garden build.

Box, blocks together and single, this mesh kit gives you all the options.

TW - TicTacToeBox&BlocksVend

6 different mesh pieces make it easy to create a detailed custom look, or even to make your own game.

Lots of pre-made textures included, too.

TW - TicTacToeDetail

Add some fun to your builds!

[approximately 1 or less PE / LI at nomal use size]  Linking may lower LI in some configurations.

TW - TicTacToeMP1

Come get some X’s and O’s at:

the Trowix Barn

or SL’s Marketplace.


Victorian Styled Wall Lamp

2 May

Pretty!  Elegant!  Classic!  Choose your look.

A detailed and graceful wall lamp at home in many settings and styles from contemporary to Victorian.

TW - Wall Lamp MeshVendor

Original mesh with AO shaders and 10 Baked textures. Extremely low prim equivalency (PE or LI), 6 materials

TW - LampCloseup

[approximately 1 – 2 PE / LI at normal use size]

I have put them in the store and outside on the potting shed. You just can’t go wrong with this one.

TW - WallLampMP2

With the different materials, you can add glow and full bright effects to the shade and the bulb only.

…and still only 1 PE at the sizes pictured!

TW - WallLampMP1

We have the bright & shinies waiting for you! the Trowix Barn

..on SL Marketplace.

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