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July Sunshine – Hot!

17 Jul


A boldly simple sunny sign with a hint of retro for your garden, house or your shop is our gift to group members this month.


TW - SummerWallSunJulyGGVend


Original mesh made just for SL, this sign has 7 separate materials for texturing fun, Ambient Occlusion shaders, pre-made baked textures and a sunny bright wall shadow.


TW - SunWallSignMP1

Thank you for being the sunshine of our Second Life!

Stop by the Trowix Barn and wear your group tag to receive your gift.


..and shine!

It’s Handweights – Dumbbell!

16 Jul

For individual or group fitness builds these 1 PE barbells are a must.

2 versions are included for realism – ground and hand-held.

TW - BarbellHandweightVend

Two original mesh objects created especially for SL grid are only 1 PE / LI at a normal use size. UV, AO and baked neoprene textures are included.

TW - BarbellMP1

Find these at the Trowix Barn..

and on Second Life Marketplace, here.

Stronger! Better! Faster!


Love on a Stick – Heart!

14 Jul

Inspired by sweet wedding favors, this darling accent piece will charm customers, guests and family.

TW - LoveHeartonaStickVend

One original mesh object at only 1 PE / LI with mix or match wood and zinc textures is easy to use for many occasions.

4 smooth texturing mesh surfaces for maximum creativity and impact.

TW - LoveHeartonaStickMP1

Both types of wood are included as baked textures – plain and decorated.

Remember!  All Meshes and Sculpts from Trowix Concepts are original NEW meshes made especially for Second Life grid.  Optimized for best LOD and performance. 

You can find this mesh and more at the Trowix Barn..

and on SL’s Marketplace, here.

❤ someone today!

Spiked Collar Ring – Shiny!

10 Jul

Spikes for fashion, leather for luxury and a nameplate just for fun will make jewelry with a flair. Great for RP, too.

Our carefully detailed original mesh comes with ambient occlusion, loads of textures and UV maps for making your own custom textures.

TW - SpikeCollarwNameplateVend

5 texturing materials provide many design options.

Grab these at the Trowix barn or on Second Life Marketplace direct link.

(but don’t grab too fast)

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