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Plate Arrangements Add-on Texture Packs

1 May


6 stunning add-on texture packs for wall plate arrangements mesh packs.

Different looks and styles – we’re sure you will find a favorite.

Contemporary looks…

TW - BoldZebraTextureAddonText


Traditional looks…


TW - WallFlowers&WallPlatesMPText


Global looks…


TW - AsianBlueWhite&WallPlatesMPText


Whimsical …


TW - WallPlatesStarTexPlateStandMP


and handmade, homey looks…


TW - RoosterPotteryWallPlateMPText


ALL of these baked textures work with ALL “Wall Plates Arrangements” Mesh Packs.

Mix & Match to your heart’s content, quickly and easily!

These, and the plates, of course, can be seen at the Trowix Barn store

… and on the Second Life Marketplace.


Below are the vendors to look for:


TW - AsianBluePlateAddonVend

TW - FlowersPlateAddonVend

TW - HandpaintedPlateAddonVend TW - RoosterPlateAddonVend

TW - StarPlateAddonVend

TW - ZebraPlateAddonVend


…and this is just the beginning; expect more add-on texture packs for Trowix Wall Plate Arrangements.

We’ll see you! ¬†Soon!


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