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Peeling Paper Poster – it’s mesh!

4 Dec

A poster, piece of paper; one of those necessities everyone needs in their toolbox for decorating, displays and building.

Trowix - Mesh Peeling Paper Wall Poster MP

We’ve included 4 versions of this mesh poster – 2 square format in large and small and 1 rectangular, also in a large and small size.   2 materials / texturing faces.

Note:  This is a mesh object; LI/PE can be affected by size and other variables


Trowix - Mesh Peeling Paper Wall Poster Vend

Remember!  This has a large size as well as the ‘regular useage size’ for displays and advertising.  And 2 formats – square and rectangular.

Find these at the Trowix Main Store

and on Second Life Marketplace, right here.


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