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Builder Textures – Paint & Rust

17 Mar

New seamless textures to add to your building toolbox – peeling paint and new and rusted cast iron.

TW - SeamlessPeelingPaintVendLg

Rough, cracked peeling paint for your shabby, grunge and everyday worn looks. Pastel and neutral colors blend in with any decor.

** 26 — 512×512 Textures total
12 Seamless & 12 Shaded

TW - PeelingPaintMP1

Also, various states of new and rusty weathered seamless cast iron for…hooks, hangers, fences, cookware, tools and the 100s of other uses you can find.

** 9 — 512×512 seamless textures

TW - SeamlessCastIronVendLg

TW - CastIronRustyMP1

Why build new when you can build old?

Nearly instant antiques at the Trowix Barn.

Also available on SL’s Marketplace.  Peeling Paint and Cast Iron.

Victorian Cottage Walls – Trimmed!

26 Sep

Quaint slightly faded wallpaper with aged pine paneling and trims in 5 colors. Detailed textures lightly shaded for realism. Horizontally tileable with seamless wallpaper. A sweet casual look we hope you’ll love in two versions – light & dark
** 30 — 1024×1024 textures in each version

Sweet as a gingerbread house, all trimmed in cinnamon pine paneling.

Rich but muted colors. Lovely for a seasonal build.

A cozy corner made with our sculpts & textures.

If you make a little chocolate shop with these — invite us over!!

You can see these in-world at the Barn.
Also available on SL’s Marketplace.

Light Victorian Walls

Darker Victorian Walls

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