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Old-Fashioned Pine Garland – Christmasy!

12 Nov

Fresh, full garlands plain and with vintage decorations for your holiday building and decorating. Single swags and double swags so you can get the look you want.
** 11 – 512 and 1024 x 256 tileable & non-tileable ALPHA textures

Fresh, green and a great low prim way to add holiday cheer to any build

These are available at the Trowix Barn and on SL’s Marketplace.

Guaranteed not to shed pine needles on your carpet.

Vintage Seed Packet Groups – Pretty!

19 Feb

Lovely colorful vintage flower seed packets are arranged in groups of 3 to 5 for you to scatter on your potting benches, potting trays and garden baskets giving the illusion of multiple seed packs for a single prim. 

Shaded and highlighted with background shadows

A fun little detail with a lot of impact, you’ll find lots of places for these, tuck them in anywhere.

You’ll catch yourself wanting to pick them up!

*for even more realism we suggest adding our seed packet sculpt pack*

Find all your Spring planting needs at the Trowix Barn and on SL Marketplace.

Happy Sunday! : )

Gingham, Ribbon, Lace – Fresh!

17 Jan

Classic, always fresh Gingham with delicate lace and pretty ribbons in tileable and seamless formats for sweet builds made easy. Plain Ginghams are seamless with a subtle homespun weave. Embellished versions are tileable. A breath of country classic!

**30 — 1024×1024 Seamless & Tileable Textures

30 seamless & tileable textures for your fresh projects

Make a pleasant place to wait for Spring.   : )

Also an alpha texture pack to add pretty lace and ribbons almost anywhere!

Delicate lace and pretty ribbons in a tileable format make these alphas a breeze to use for edging, borders or anywhere you’d like to add a soft accent to a texture or a build. Basic country colors are versatile and, also, match our gingham texture packs.

**7 — 1024×256 horizontally tileable alpha textures

Edgings, borders, texture add-ons — do it all!

Pretty things to brighten your winter at the Trowix Barn.  
Open 24 / 7 for your creative needs!

Antique Doilies – Dainty!

4 Oct

The Granny, well.. the Country Attic chair needed doilies.  Yes, needed them for the perfect shabby, comfort, antique, cute image we had in mind.  : )  While the chair pack does include 1 doily… is that enough?!!  No!  Never too many lacy pretties like these —

Crochet & tatted alpha texture doilies in 8 designs

 No “halo” alphas for your decorating needs, great for up-coming holiday decorating. They are on display at Trowix barn and on SL’s Marketplace.
Have a pretty day!

New Grass Texture – All Natural

4 Sep

With all the excitement about new meshy things, I forgot to post the new grass texture for fields and meadows.  We all love this and have made the “lower 40” out behind the barn so much prettier! …and beside the barn, just putting new grassy places all over. : )

We now have grass, grass for over-grown lawns, for grazing horses, for sweetly romantic fields. With realistic colors from sun-bleached yellows to dark bluegrass green, these 1024×512 alpha textures will help you create the effect you have in mind.

I very highly recommend using these with Trowix ‘Grass & Flower Field Bases since the grass was designed for and on them. : )

Finally!  Just plain grassy grass, lush and pretty!

It comes in a few colors which should do for Summer and Fall.

Definitely mix and match these with multiple prims for realism.

To get these lush, full fields, Vix has some texturing suggestions:

1. Basic texture defaults I started with before adjusting for prim size are:
Repeats Per Face U:16.000 V:256.000
Rotation 0*
Offset U:0.50000 V: 0.48000
** The only number you should need to change is the Horizontal (U) in Repeats Per Face. This will change the width of the grass blades, allowing for fine or coarse blades. 8, 16 & 32 will be the most often used.

2. Feel free to tint the texture lightly to get the effect you want. Over-tinting can dull the contrast needed for realism, though.

3. Experiment with Glow and Full Bright.
I use very little glow .01 or .02, but I do use full bright. I’m not a full bright user normally, but it’s very effective with this texture.

**For a lush, thick look:
– Try to place the grass on a similarly colored terrain or surface.
– Use 2 prims of grass — One darker, one lighter placed at 30-45 degree angle to each other.
– For really large areas, try scattering smaller prims of varying heights throughout the area.

This is 2 mega prims with 2 colors of grass.

You can see these, frolic in these and even buy these at the Trowix Barn & on SL’s Marketplace.

Drop by anytime!  You can forget your shoes!  : )


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