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Tin Can Birdhouse – DIY Adorable

18 Oct

Inspired by the cleverness of up-cyclers and DIYers, this mesh piece shows a recycled tin can, funnel, cork and washers made into a charming birdhouse.

TW - DIYTinCanBirdhouseVend

Highly detailed original mesh made just for SL grid with extremely low prim equivalency (PE or LI) and 8 materials / surfaces for many creative texturing options.

Note: This is a mesh object; LI/PE can be affected by size and other variables

TW - DIYTinCanBirdhouseMP1

…and textures, we’ve made a fun texture add-on using vintage cans for quick and easy texturing and decorating.

TW - VintageCansAddonVend

This birdhouse looks great with our “Cushioned Crate” and “Birdie Robin” (the September Group Gift), so stop by the Trowix Barn and make yourself some old-fashioned charm.

Also available on SL Marketplace soon

House your flock for the winter, today!

Birdie – Robin!

28 Sep

To thank all of our loyal friends, an adorable feathered friend is our group gift this month.

Sculpted body and feet – and only 2 prims!  Beautiful, realistic texture to add some tweet life to your builds.

TW - BirdieVendor


TW - BirdieMP

Shown here making an appearance on our “Craftsman Style Coffee Table” in the Trowix front garden.

Come get your little bird before he flies away!

(wear your group tag, please)

Fashion Animal Add-on Textures – Rawr!

9 Oct

The perfect look for fashion stores, photo props and even understated studies. Fun and elegant animal prints made especially for our “Classic Vase with Sticks” mesh pack.

**20 1024×1024 baked textures for the vase portion of Trowix “Classic Vase with Sticks mesh pack.

Ambient & Shadow versions of 10 fashion animal print designs

Pink and tan trimmed leopard and zebra designs for fun and elegance.  Add the perfect faux animal accent!

Pretty in Pink. Retro Chair, Whimsical & Modern Frames along with the Classic Vase in mesh make a fun dressing room.

Safari down to the Trowix Barn

or fly by SL Marketplace.

No animals were harmed making these textures.


Happy Halloween from Trowix!

30 Oct

A cute little kitty cut-out to chase all your Halloween fears away. This lil’ guy comes to you with 2 nano sizes perfect for tiny scares and big smiles. Smooth, undistorted texturing will work for everything from jewelry to packaging.  

Just for you! Just for Halloween! Just for fun!

Don’t let them eat all the candy!

You can pick up you own personal feline guardian at the Trowix Barn.
Have a wonderful weekend!  : )

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