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Halloween Group Gift – Plush!

4 Nov

It’s after Halloween, but you can still get this cute kawaii-faced candy corn pillow with welting at the Trowix Barn; our treat for Trowix in-world group members.


TW - CandyCornPlushiePillowVend

2 versions are included, one made with higher LOD for avatar attachments and one for decor.

Note: This is a mesh object; LI/PE can be affected by size and other variables


TW - PlushiePillowMP1b


TW - Halloween13MP2

You can still get this happy little guy at the Trowix Barn for a limited time.

Wear your group tag!

Not Just for Valentine’s Day

23 Mar

Hearts!  Candy!  Heart Candy!

…available all year long from Trowix.

TW - ConvoHeartCandyVend

Smooth texturing mesh.  YUM!

And if you like a little spice with your candy, we’ve cooked up a batch just for you.

TW - CandyHeartAddonNaughtyVend

Find it at the Trowix Barn

and also on SL’s Marketplace, here & here.

….just in time for….EASTER!

TW - HeartCandyMP1

Some Bunny wuvs you.

Candy Corn Garland String – Gift!

21 Oct

Sweet candy corn strung on twine makes a unique and festive Halloween and Fall accent. Detailed, realistic and original mesh with extremely low prim equivalency (PE or LI).

[approximately 1PE at 2.0 x .03 x .6 m ] <– That’s 1 prim equivalent for 2m of garland!  You just can’t beat that with sculpts!

Our October Group Gift. An original mesh to add a little fun to your Halloween.

Made with 4 materials so you can script twinkling lights…and, of course, make your candy any color you prefer.  Purple and green?

This is also a perfect match to our “Candy Wrapped Halloween Candle”.

Candy corn string used here along with other Trowix meshes, sculpts & textures.
Make the cutest, coziest Halloween ever!

Our thanks to our loyal and enthusiastic group!

Come get your Halloween pretty at the Trowix Barn, today!

Candy-Wrapped Halloween Candle – Tasteful!

11 Oct

Super detailed, realistic and original mesh candlestick to give your Halloween builds charm and whimsy.

Every little detail we could think of on this unique mesh candlestick

Extremely low prim equivalency (PE or LI) and smooth texturing.

[approximately 1PE at .2 x.2 x.6m ]

Which means at more than half a meter tall (in normal proportions) this candle is *only* 1 PE/LI.   Chances are, you’ll use even smaller sizes for tabletops.  Link them together for even more prim efficiency.

6 materials give many creative texturing options.
Materials are: Candle, Candlestick, String, and each color of the Candy Corn.

Building Tip: Just for fun, try adding glow to the candies.  They will look like tiny candy corn lights!

With 9 shading textures and 3 UV maps included, use your favorite graphics program to create just the effect you want.

A little Halloween corner made for demonstration.
“Country Attic Table” & “Trick or Treat Bucket” also used

Chase away the ghoulies and ghosties. Add warm ambience on cool nights.

Get your mesh candle pack at the Trowix Barn

or on SL’s Marketplace.


August Group Gift – Unplugged!

19 Sep

Nearly halfway through September and I finally get this on the blog.  >.<

It is still available to our in-world group members at the front of the barn

3 materials & dramatic shadows make this cup fun to work with!


A cute take on an everyday object, this coffee mug will have visitors and customers doing double-takes.


At less than 1 PE, it’s just waiting to hold flowers, pencils and even … coffee.


Drop by the Barn to get your personal mug, if you haven’t already.

Remember.  We ❤ you!!

Lost in the Loft – Look UP!

25 Jul

Sometimes, we, at Trowix, have sculpts and textures we aren’t quite sure what to do with.  These might be from custom jobs, personal builds and experiments or past group gifts.

We see no reason not to pass these on to our customers — and usually it will be at  greatly reduced prices.

Enter the “Lost in the Loft” collection.

Remember to look up for Bargains & Bargains. Textures & Sculpts.

Almost everything in our loft is under $L100 – sculpts & textures!

(we do have a texture organizer up there, still a bargain at $L250)

Remember to look UP when you visit the Trowix Barn.  Trowix quality at lower than ever prices.


Butter Churn – Non-Fattening!

15 Mar

A traditional upright plunger-type butter churn crafted to provide you with multiple building choices. From a 1 prim build to a 4 prim build, all components are LOD2 or better. A realistic antique accent with time-worn wood baked textures at home in house or garden.

Carefully crafted, textured and thought out for building

One version is a mere 1 prim – perfect for low prim building

Our latest sculpts & textures used for a rustic chore scene.

A charming kitchen area — only 19 prims total

Stop by and see this 1-prim wonder at the Trowix Barn.
…we might put you to work!

Antique Canning Jars – Keepers!

23 Jan

The versatile canning jar used for everything from storage to vases to flowers to glasses and so much more inspired this sculpt pack. It contains everything from jar to twine tied dust topper.

Lots of goodies to get you started creating & keep creating.

Plenty of textures to get you started creating fast and shadow maps so you can continue creating fun, whimsical and historic pieces. We hope this becomes a building favorite just like the original.

Makes me think of a country store. : )

To make our jar sculpts even more versatile, we’ve made a texture add-on pack. It gives a whole new and natural look to the jars. Textures in 3 versions – Jar alone, Jar with metal Lid & Jar with dust cover cloth.

More looks for your canning jars.

Add flavor to your builds!

You know where to find these!
The Trowix Barn or Second Life’s Marketplace

Here’s to a wonderful week!

Handy Dandy Peppermint – Candy!

18 Dec

Festive and fresh for the holidays.  Perfect for last minute group gifts, decorations and more.

Nano, Half-Nano, Wide — the perfect size for any project!

A sculpt pack to be all-season versatile for your builds. Nano, Half-nano, Wide & Regular versions make sure your peppermint will look good at any size. Not only are these tasty-looking candies, but function equally as well for hooks, hangers and nifty decorative pieces. You’ll think of more – enjoy!  

10 Minty Textures included!

Peppermint-y Sticks and a sneak peek at our Mason jar.

Get your Cool (mint) on, drop by the Barn, or visit SL Marketplace.
Keep warm!

November Group Gift – Toasty!

24 Nov

Fuzzy, plushie, cute enough to eat pillows reminding you to stay toasty warm as the cold weather approaches. 1 Sculpt Map, LOD 2, and 2 baked textures – one nicely toasted, one a little burnt. Stay Toasty! 

Thanks for your support! : )

Me and my toasty friends.  Oh yeah! The sofa is new, too!

As always, you can find the group gift just inside the door to the Trowix Barn

Stop by with your group tag on and get toasty!

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