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Wood Parquet and Marble – Easy Elegance

10 May

The elegance of parquet flooring blended with the rustic appeal of reclaimed barnwood creates a versatile look for floors, ceiling and furniture.

** 11 — 512×512 textures

TW - ReclaimedParquetVend

Tileable for your building convenience.

TW - ReclaimedParquetColorsVend

Moody muted colors and shades of gray combined with rustic parquet are perfect for fantasy and RP builds.


TW - SeamlessUnpolishedMarbleVend

A natural look marble for jewelry, gardens and accents in 8 realistic colors.

Mix and coordinate these textures and in no time, you will have some easy elegance for yourself and your friends.

Available at the Trowix Barn

and on Second Life’s Marketplace – Wood Parquet, Wood Parquet Colors and Seamless Marble

Happy texturing!

Victorian Styled Wall Lamp

2 May

Pretty!  Elegant!  Classic!  Choose your look.

A detailed and graceful wall lamp at home in many settings and styles from contemporary to Victorian.

TW - Wall Lamp MeshVendor

Original mesh with AO shaders and 10 Baked textures. Extremely low prim equivalency (PE or LI), 6 materials

TW - LampCloseup

[approximately 1 – 2 PE / LI at normal use size]

I have put them in the store and outside on the potting shed. You just can’t go wrong with this one.

TW - WallLampMP2

With the different materials, you can add glow and full bright effects to the shade and the bulb only.

…and still only 1 PE at the sizes pictured!

TW - WallLampMP1

We have the bright & shinies waiting for you! the Trowix Barn

..on SL Marketplace.

Details, details, details – for your walls

25 Apr

A detailed adaptation of classic Japanese wall scrolls to give almost any picture or photo a unique look.

Finally!  A place for all those anime pictures you’ve been collecting

…or even your very own photos.

TW - WallScrollVend

The mesh is made so it is easy to texture in-world.  Just select the front texture material and place your picture!

512 x 1024 size or 1:2 ratio is optimal, but you can use other sizes, just adjust to fit.

TW - WallScrollDetail

Original mesh with AO shaders and realistic wall shadow.

Extremely low prim equivalency (PE or LI), 7 materials and smooth texturing.


TW - WallScrollMP1

You can find these Asian beauties at the Trowix Barn

and on SL’s Marketplace.

Never forget … the details!

Sweet little violets

25 Apr

blooming in the grass.  Or not at all.  Your choice!

Versatile seamless terrain textures will dress your Sim or build for spring with fresh grass and sweet violets.

** 6 — 512×512 seamless terrain textures


TW - SpringGrassWithVioletsVend

Shown in the pictures with our Grass and Flower sculpted bases textured with Lots of Dots and Field and Meadow Grass textures.


TW - SpringGrassWVioletsMP1

Plant today!  You’ll never mow again.

Available at the Trowix Barn

and SL’s Marketplace.

Spring! April Group Gift

11 Apr

It’s Spring!

A shabby little sign with the letters starting to fall off for gardens, houses or your attic is our gift this month.

TW - SpringSignVend_AprilGG

SO many in-world texturing options for you with 8 separate materials.  You will enjoy trying multitudes of textures to get just the right look.

Original mesh with Ambient Occlusion and Shadowed shaders. Extremely low prim equivalency (PE or LI).

[ 1 PE at ~ .33m x .95m x .08m]

TW - SpringSignMP1

Please be sure to have your Trowix Concepts group tag active when you stop by the Trowix Barn.

Click the gift box for your gift.

Thank you for being with Trowix through the seasons!

Bench or Chair? Mesh or Sculpt?

4 Mar

Just for fun we made a mesh and sculpt pack as close to equal as we could.

Same price.  Same item.  Same options.

An adorable cuddly bench packed with personality and 2 chairs, 2 shadows, but…

One is mesh.  One is sculpted.  The choice is yours.

(presented in alphabetical order)

Bench, left & right chairs.

Bench, left & right chairs.

The mesh benefit is:

Extremely low prim – just 1 prim for the entire bench and shadow.  .5 prim for the chairs and shadow.  (or possibly less linked)

In-world texturing fun – mixed colors, color dips, pattern mixes – easily done on this mesh with 7 texturing surfaces (materials)

Fast rezzing and other mesh benefits


Bench & 2 chairs (don't forget to mirror the sculpt for the right one)

Bench & 2 chairs
(don’t forget to mirror the sculpt for the right one)

The sculpt benefit is:

The same prims no matter what size you make it.

Some examples follow.  You might want to guess which is mesh and which is sculpt.

TW - JoinedChairsBench1

TW - JoinedChairsBench2

TW - JoinedChairsBench3

TW - JoinedChairsBench4

TW - JoinedChairsBench5

1. Mesh, 2. Sculpt, 3. Mesh, 4. Mesh, 5. Sculpt

Adopt your favorite at the Trowix Barn

or on Second Life Marketplace:

Mesh Version    Sculpted Version

I’m seeing double…

Even more in the attic – Cheap!

8 Nov

4 loft items added at super low prices! Rainbows, picnic table, hearts!  …and a crock…

When we offer new “Lost in the Loft” items, please check your inventory before buying, some may be past group gifts.

(group gifts are always exclusive for at least 3 months, but usually longer – often a year)

Even more to rummage through in the loft at the Trowix Barn,

or try your luck on the Marketplace for the

Picnic Table.  Happy Rainbows.  Paired Hearts.  or just a Crock.

and while you’re here, we have a small freebie you might want to pick up.


Classic Vase with Sticks – Artsy!

1 Oct

What the world has been screaming for…another vase.


Build a better vase and the world will beat a path to your door?

Going on the better vase assumption, Trowix presents our newest mesh creation. You need this vase!  For everything.


Detailed mesh vase with all the things you need to create your own lovely accent pieces.


A carefully crafted Original mesh vase wrapped with cord and filled with artful sticks is a classic for any build.

Extremely low prim equivalency (PE or LI)

[approximately 2PE at .65 x.31 x.1.65m ]

Smooth texturing in-world with 4 materials / texture areas.

Or use your favorite graphics program with any or all of our shaders and UV guides to create just the effect you want.


Detail of the twine wrapping in natural light with no editing.
These textures are included, also.


Here you can see all the materials or texture faces.
Sticks, vase, string & sand / gravel filler


If you don’t have the time to make your own shaded textures, we have included some for you to start out with right away.  Stick, vase, gravel, twine textures.

Also, 2 shadows.  One for the ground & one for a wall.  The wall shadow is mesh, also.

This shows the included textures.
Ambient occlusion textures for general lighting purposes & shadow baked textures for specific lighting. All have spectral overlaid.


Come see these must-haves at our Barn store

or get a direct delivery from SL Marketplace.

Grace your space!

My Little Plastic Flower – Loveable Mesh!

31 Aug

This adorable mesh potted flower is a joy to design with. Inworld, its 5 materials make texturing easy and fun. Or use your favorite graphics program with any or all of our shaders and UV guide to create just the effect you want.

[1PE at .43x.25x.49m using the highest LOD flower]

With or without a green thumb, you can grow these adorable little guys just about anywhere!

Mesh is gaining in popularity in Second Life.  For those who may still be a little wary of mesh, we hope to win you over with this little flower.  Semi-technical data is below… and more pictures!

As with all Trowix vendors, we put as much relevant information as possible.

First, there are the “shaders”.  They add a more realistic look to meshes.

They can be used alone or in combination in your favorite graphics program when making you own custom textures.  You can also use these in-world and tint the corresponding areas for colors and fun effects. Try adding glow or full bright with the specular.  Pretty colors with the AO or the shadow.

The “shaders”.
AO – Ambient Occlusion for an overall shaded 3D look
Shadow – For an overhead lighted look
Specular – For shine & highlight accents

You’ll get even more variety with the Material areas.  Each Material designates an area on the mesh which can be textured separately both in-world and in your graphics program quickly and easily.

It is especially simple in-world.  IMAGINE!  You can add multiple textures to this 1 pe mesh, in-world!!  (try that with sculpties… )

Here we have the 5 material areas tinted.
You can add individual textures to each colored area.
Petals, Corona, Leaves, Dirt & Pot.

Next is LOD.  We put LOD information on all our sculpts & meshes. LOD means Level of Detail, simply.  It is the level of detail over distance.

Now you’re probably thinking.. “Hey!  but I keep my debug LOD at 4 like everyone suggests.  So LOD doesn’t matter.”

Ahh, but it does!

If a sculpt or mesh needs your viewer at debug 4 to look good… well, think of it as a pillow that you have to keep plumping.  It’s extra work.  It also affects the textures.

At Trowix, we have found LOD 2 to be a good compromise in detail for our sculpts.  It keeps them looking better at more distance & keeps textures crisper without bleeding.

For Meshes we work the LOD out for each individual item to get a good mixture of detail, sharp no-bleed textures & the best prim equivalent value we can possibly make without sacrificing our exacting standards.   (We are seriously picky!)

We want you to enjoy your creating knowing your Trowix supplies are top quality.

Below are examples of the 2 LOD versions we have included with this mesh:

Here are the 2 LOD sequences Trowa made for flower.
The Higher PE flower is on the left & the lower PE flower on the right.
Left to Right – LOD3, LOD2 & LOD1 are shown.

Also included in the mesh pack is a UV Map.

It’s a representation of the 3D model in 2 dimensions called U and V since X, Y & Z are used to denote the 3D model.

(a quick explanation on Wiki, here)

You will use these “flat” maps in your graphics programs to create unique and original textures with and without the Shaders.

Use this as a transparent overlay when making textures.
Remember to hide it when you merge layers!

Next, we usually include a “Baked Texture” made with the UV map.  While, hopefully, it is nice in its own right, it is also helpful as a UV Guide.  On the Baked Texture you will be able to see which of the puzzling pieces correspond to what parts of the mesh.

Normally I don’t label the parts on the texture since it seems self-explanatory.
However, I can if you’d like, just drop a notecard to Vix and let me know if you’d like that done for kits.

Lastly, we like to include a ground shadow with our mesh kits (and many of the sculpts).  It is a good average midday shadow.  You may choose to use other shadows or make your own for various lighting situations.

HOWEVER!  The ground shadow makes it very simple for you to have a mesh configuration that shows you as the creator. Simply create the shadow on your prim and link it last to the flower as the root prim.

So, with the current in-world limits on mesh uploading, you can easily make an object appear as your creation.  And we want you to!  At Trowix we make things for your creative imagination.

(from our mind to your mind… )

Make “My Little Plastic Flower” your flower, too!

To brighten up any season of the year, find Your Little Plastic Flower at the Trowix Barn and on SLMarketplace.

A Happy Weekend to you!


Candle Lantern – Unique Pretty!

10 Aug

A candle lantern and hanger for your garden, wedding, and even dungeon projects. Use the included candle sculpt or change to flowers for a unique decor accent. Nano maps for the hanger pieces so even the smallest projects look their best. 6 baked textures complete the pack.

Regular & Nano versions of the hanger assure a good looking lantern at any size.

Made to be used separately or together, the various parts of this sculpt kit will come in handy for many projects.

6 baked textures are included to get you started on your creative journey.

Beautiful on a garden wall – beautiful anywhere!

Stop by the Trowix Barn for a brighter tomorrow!

( ^.^)

Or visit our Marketplace store.

Have a Terrific Today!

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