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Candy Corn – Plushie!

25 Oct

A past group gift; this cute kawaii-faced candy corn pillow is ready for your imaginative Halloween projects. 2 versions are included, one made with higher LOD for avatar attachment and one for decor.  2 materials.

Note:  This is a mesh object; LI/PE can be affected by size and other variables


Trowix - CandyCornPlushiePillowVend


2 bonus textures are included: Christmas and Valentine themed.


Trowix - Candy Corn Plushie Pillow MP2

Find these little cuties at the Trowix Main Store

and on SL’s Marketplace, here.


Happy candy crunching to you!

Hanging Paper Bats – Bats & more bats!

24 Oct

Cute cut-out bats on a branch and single hanging bats are our newest Halloween item.  You’ll love these for decorating and display making.


Trowix - Hanging Paper Bat MP


Little bats with stapled twine strings hang from a stylized branch ready to liven up your Halloween creativity.  Baked textures in creepy and cute versions   8 materials / texturing faces.


Trowix - Hanging Bat Branch Vend


Also, a single cut-out bat on strings is ready to liven up your Halloween decor or for batty projects all year ’round.  Baked textures in creepy and cute versions   5 materials / texturing faces.

Note:  These are mesh objects; LI/PE can be affected by size and other variables


Trowix - Hanging Paper Bat Vend


Separate materials let you make the eyes glow or blink with texture scripts for some pretty creepy-cute effects.


Trowix - Hanging Paper Bat Wall Branch MP


We know you’ll have fun with these guys!   Check them out at the Trowix Main Store

and find them on SL’s Marketplace.  Branch bats, here.  And Single bats, here.



Bats & Hats – Halloween Textures

23 Oct

Halloween textures made from vintage Halloween graphics with a dash of contemporary.

Seamless bats pair with panels made from antique Halloween graphics for a charming way to decorate or for holiday clothing.

** 12 —  1024×1024 seamless textures and panels


Trowix - Totally Bats Panels & Print Vend


Trowix - Totally Bats Panels & Print MP


And cute witch hats with tiny pindots in 6 seamless vintage colors are a darling way to decorate or use for holiday clothing.

** 12 —  1024×1024 seamless textures in 2 designs


Trowix - Flying Witch Hat Vend


Trowix - Flying Witch Hats MP

Fly by our store for these, Trowix Main Store

or on Second Life’s Marketplace.  Bats are here.  And Hats you can find here.

A spooky Halloween to you!

Halloween Group Gift – Plush!

4 Nov

It’s after Halloween, but you can still get this cute kawaii-faced candy corn pillow with welting at the Trowix Barn; our treat for Trowix in-world group members.


TW - CandyCornPlushiePillowVend

2 versions are included, one made with higher LOD for avatar attachments and one for decor.

Note: This is a mesh object; LI/PE can be affected by size and other variables


TW - PlushiePillowMP1b


TW - Halloween13MP2

You can still get this happy little guy at the Trowix Barn for a limited time.

Wear your group tag!

Halloween Distressed & Dirty Paint

1 Nov

Halloween colored painted wood in dirty and almost clean versions that looks great on sculpties. Terrific for seasonal builds, too.

** 8 – 1024×1024 seamless& non-seamless textures w/ bonus texture (512)


a small inexpensive set to help you get just the right colors for your holiday & seasonal builds




The last BOO of the year!

Get a head start on next year at the Trowix Barn

or on SL’s Marketplace.

More in the Loft – Cheapies!

28 Oct

4 loft items added at super low prices!  2 for last minute Halloween tricks ‘n treats. 1 for those chilly autumn afternoons.  …and one for…winter.

When we offer new “Lost in the Loft” items, please check your inventory before buying, some may be past group gifts.

(more loft info here)

Come by the Trowix Barn. Rummage around the Loft, you never know what you will find!

Available on Marketplace, also:

Halloween Kitty.  Candy Corn.  Toasty Pillow.  and Chillster the Snowguy.

don’t forget the Snowguy!

Candy Corn Garland String – Gift!

21 Oct

Sweet candy corn strung on twine makes a unique and festive Halloween and Fall accent. Detailed, realistic and original mesh with extremely low prim equivalency (PE or LI).

[approximately 1PE at 2.0 x .03 x .6 m ] <– That’s 1 prim equivalent for 2m of garland!  You just can’t beat that with sculpts!

Our October Group Gift. An original mesh to add a little fun to your Halloween.

Made with 4 materials so you can script twinkling lights…and, of course, make your candy any color you prefer.  Purple and green?

This is also a perfect match to our “Candy Wrapped Halloween Candle”.

Candy corn string used here along with other Trowix meshes, sculpts & textures.
Make the cutest, coziest Halloween ever!

Our thanks to our loyal and enthusiastic group!

Come get your Halloween pretty at the Trowix Barn, today!

Halloween Vines & Prints – Country Fresh!

19 Oct

Pumpkin vine inspired fabric set for Halloween & all year. Comfortable country colors make it easy to use these on seasonal furniture builds and clothing.
** 20 – 512×512 seamless textures

Seamless textures for Halloween, harvest & year ’round

A pretty look for Autumn, not just Halloween.

You can see these and buy these at the Trowix Barn

or on SL’s Marketplace

We’ll keep a light on!

Halloween Retro Dots & Rickrack – Keen!

19 Oct

Happy retro dots and large rickrack bring back the past in a fabric set just waiting for a Halloween party or party dress. Seamless textures in colors you can use year ’round.
** 18 – 512×512 seamless textures

Hocus Pocus magic for fun Halloween builds

A more sophisticated Halloween look.

You can get the look at the Trowix Barn

and on SL’s Marketplace.

Hocus Pocus!

Candy-Wrapped Halloween Candle – Tasteful!

11 Oct

Super detailed, realistic and original mesh candlestick to give your Halloween builds charm and whimsy.

Every little detail we could think of on this unique mesh candlestick

Extremely low prim equivalency (PE or LI) and smooth texturing.

[approximately 1PE at .2 x.2 x.6m ]

Which means at more than half a meter tall (in normal proportions) this candle is *only* 1 PE/LI.   Chances are, you’ll use even smaller sizes for tabletops.  Link them together for even more prim efficiency.

6 materials give many creative texturing options.
Materials are: Candle, Candlestick, String, and each color of the Candy Corn.

Building Tip: Just for fun, try adding glow to the candies.  They will look like tiny candy corn lights!

With 9 shading textures and 3 UV maps included, use your favorite graphics program to create just the effect you want.

A little Halloween corner made for demonstration.
“Country Attic Table” & “Trick or Treat Bucket” also used

Chase away the ghoulies and ghosties. Add warm ambience on cool nights.

Get your mesh candle pack at the Trowix Barn

or on SL’s Marketplace.


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