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Not Just for Valentine’s Day

23 Mar

Hearts!  Candy!  Heart Candy!

…available all year long from Trowix.

TW - ConvoHeartCandyVend

Smooth texturing mesh.  YUM!

And if you like a little spice with your candy, we’ve cooked up a batch just for you.

TW - CandyHeartAddonNaughtyVend

Find it at the Trowix Barn

and also on SL’s Marketplace, here & here.

….just in time for….EASTER!

TW - HeartCandyMP1

Some Bunny wuvs you.

Even more in the attic – Cheap!

8 Nov

4 loft items added at super low prices! Rainbows, picnic table, hearts!  …and a crock…

When we offer new “Lost in the Loft” items, please check your inventory before buying, some may be past group gifts.

(group gifts are always exclusive for at least 3 months, but usually longer – often a year)

Even more to rummage through in the loft at the Trowix Barn,

or try your luck on the Marketplace for the

Picnic Table.  Happy Rainbows.  Paired Hearts.  or just a Crock.

and while you’re here, we have a small freebie you might want to pick up.


Victorian Sentiment Hearts – Awww!

15 Feb

Dusty, worn, with hand-written sentiments on flowered Victorian hearts saved from that little corner of the attic for your SL projects. Gardens, pillows, pictures, greetings cards – you’ll find lots of ways to add some ❤ to your builds.

Real Victorian hearts, FRENCH & sweet flowers! Heart!

Displayed in our newest sculpted frame.  Sweet!

Even if you lined a birdcage with these, it would smell so ‘tweet’!

….you can buy these and / or kill me for that pun at the Trowix Barn.

Happy Hump Day! : )

Burlap Flower Hearts

11 Feb

A Tiny Texture pack for Ten linden. 
Pretty muted mauves and pinks color these hearts and flowers in a casual design on feedsack-look burlap. Valentine’s projects, Spring or anytime you want a little luv. ❤

Show someone you ❤ them!

Only 10L.  At Trowix BarnSL Marketplace

❤ your weekend!

February Group Gift – Heart!

3 Feb

Hearts with personality and an organic look just for fun. …and for antennae, topiaries, lamps, centerpieces and more. The included texture is also the texture guide. Make a little whimsy just for fun!

Make a pretty & put it on the Flickr group!  

Thank you for being you this month. : )  We ❤ ya!
Stop by The Barn to pick this up!

Stacked Hearts – Amazing!

2 Feb

Five hearts… One prim!  Can you do that?  You can now!  

Regular & Nano Hearts – Make Big to Teeny

Stacked up hearts for walls, lamps, sweethearts and everything else you can imagine. At only one prim and LOD2 you can use lots.

These textures are included – Make more! 

Find your heart at Trowix Barn
& on Second Life’s Marketplace

Remember, we ❤ you!

Too cute to keep in the closet!

18 Jan

Our latest sculpt pack is really just too cute to keep in a closet, even if it is a clothes hanger.  A hanger for towels, lacy-frillies, quilts, ladybugs to crawl on, a thoroughly decorative hanger with an ornamental plus – use the heart alone for even more options.

Regular & nano maps for versatility.
Texture is not really needed, color and shine work well.

A fun accent for country & shabby styles.
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