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More in the Loft – Cheapies!

28 Oct

4 loft items added at super low prices!  2 for last minute Halloween tricks ‘n treats. 1 for those chilly autumn afternoons.  …and one for…winter.

When we offer new “Lost in the Loft” items, please check your inventory before buying, some may be past group gifts.

(more loft info here)

Come by the Trowix Barn. Rummage around the Loft, you never know what you will find!

Available on Marketplace, also:

Halloween Kitty.  Candy Corn.  Toasty Pillow.  and Chillster the Snowguy.

don’t forget the Snowguy!

Cloth Draped Basket – Lofted

25 Jul

A soft, squared basket/box with cloth liner for so many uses – storage, cats, spa and wine, to name a few. The draped cloth is made so the basket will need fewer prims to fill it. The 3 prim design offers more texturing creativity.

Soft, but sturdy-looking. Fill with your favorite things!

A quick snack at the beach house.

New in the loft and on the new board for a short time, at the Trowix Barn.

You can also find it on SL’s Marketplace.

Have a sunny day!

Lost in the Loft – Look UP!

25 Jul

Sometimes, we, at Trowix, have sculpts and textures we aren’t quite sure what to do with.  These might be from custom jobs, personal builds and experiments or past group gifts.

We see no reason not to pass these on to our customers — and usually it will be at  greatly reduced prices.

Enter the “Lost in the Loft” collection.

Remember to look up for Bargains & Bargains. Textures & Sculpts.

Almost everything in our loft is under $L100 – sculpts & textures!

(we do have a texture organizer up there, still a bargain at $L250)

Remember to look UP when you visit the Trowix Barn.  Trowix quality at lower than ever prices.


More Loft items – Ancient History!

17 Nov

Trowix has put some of the older group gifts in the loft.  This seemed a fair way for all concerned to have access to all the group gifts – new members and old, alike.  If you missed one along the way, it will be up there!

The loft you’re looking for is located here, at the Trowix Barn
Hope you’re having a wonderful week!

Lost in the Loft – Wonky Bargains!

16 Nov

Sometimes vertices just don’t go where you try to put them.  Or they just don’t lay down well for texturing.  Somewhere in the sculpting process, something just goes wonky.  (technical term) 

These sculpts are still use-able, useful and now — cheap!  

**True Story:
Vix sometimes makes small builds and people would ask her where she got this or that sculpt; because they hadn’t seen it in our Barn Store.  She would hem and haw about it and hope no one thought she was keeping the “good stuff” to herself.  Now these sculpts are available or available soon in our Loft.  : ) 

The first item in the loft is the “Retro Tables Sculpt Maps”.  Cute, retro-y, Fallout-esque, 50s kind of tables made to go with our Retro Side Chair.

Face it, you’d hide it somewhere, too!  

A little Retro-y entry way – just look at that table!  ❤ 

I really like that table — Why did they put it in the loft?!

You can find these tables, in the loft, at the Trowix Barn.

Only at the Trowix Barn – because Marketplace has no loft. 

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