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Dainty Roses – New prizes!

22 Sep

It’s nearly autumn, but sometimes you still want to go full out feminine…

…and what’s cuter than tiny roses and polka dots?

So we made up some rosy patterns in the Tiny Texture line and put them in the Magic Midnite board and the Lucky Stepladder!  Get them free!


Trowix - Dainty Roses Stripes TTT Vend


or buy them from nearby vendors if your lucky stars are not working.


Trowix - Dainty Roses Print TTT Vend


Our MM board and Lucky Stepladder are located at the back of the store in the Lucky Corner.

Trowix Main Store

We also have these on Second Life’s Marketplace, Prints here and Stripes here.

Come play with us!

Wilma’s Plaids – Faded!

20 Sep

Worn and faded plaid, like the recycled broadcloth found in an old scrap basket. Repurpose to shirts, throws, pillows and wherever you need a soft worn look.

**8 — 512×512 seamless textures


Worn plaids for hankies, picnics & dusty western towns.


This set is currently featured on our Midnite Magic board.  Come by, bring your friends to slap the board and get these for free!

…or you can buy them from a vendor nearby at the Trowix Barn or from SL’s Marketplace, here.

It’s nearly Friday!

Lost in the Loft – Look UP!

25 Jul

Sometimes, we, at Trowix, have sculpts and textures we aren’t quite sure what to do with.  These might be from custom jobs, personal builds and experiments or past group gifts.

We see no reason not to pass these on to our customers — and usually it will be at  greatly reduced prices.

Enter the “Lost in the Loft” collection.

Remember to look up for Bargains & Bargains. Textures & Sculpts.

Almost everything in our loft is under $L100 – sculpts & textures!

(we do have a texture organizer up there, still a bargain at $L250)

Remember to look UP when you visit the Trowix Barn.  Trowix quality at lower than ever prices.


Flower Treat – Precious!

21 Jul

Country. Casual. Cute. Sunny summers are recalled with these little seamless flower prints with gingham and stripes for your clothing, furniture, walls and more. Create a sweet kitchen, picnic set or follow your own creative muse.
** 8 — 1024×1024 textures

Seamless & Country fresh!

Our Chubby Bench is featured in a summery scene

The cutest retro chair on the block!

This texture set is currently on our Midnite Magic board at the Trowix Barn.

…or you can buy it right away if you don’t want to wait.
Also available on Marketplace
Cute is the Word!

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