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Wilma’s Plaids – Faded!

20 Sep

Worn and faded plaid, like the recycled broadcloth found in an old scrap basket. Repurpose to shirts, throws, pillows and wherever you need a soft worn look.

**8 — 512×512 seamless textures


Worn plaids for hankies, picnics & dusty western towns.


This set is currently featured on our Midnite Magic board.  Come by, bring your friends to slap the board and get these for free!

…or you can buy them from a vendor nearby at the Trowix Barn or from SL’s Marketplace, here.

It’s nearly Friday!

Not-So-Shy Violets Textures

2 Jun

Summery, sunny, fresh and fun flowery textures just right for a cottage, beach house or garden corner. Coordinated seamless fabrics add versatility for builds large and small.
** 10 —  512×512  textures

Classic stripes, solids & fresh, fun flowers!

 This texture pack is available Free (YaY!) for a limited time on our Midnight Magic board. Just drop by the store and click the board, if the target number is reached by midnight, you will receive a free texture pack. 
These are also available for sale at the Trowix store at our every day low price if you don’t want to wait. And on SL’s Marketplace.

Folk Art Tulips & Gingham

18 May

Summery, sunny, whimsical and fun seamless textures just right for a cottage or garden corner. Matching seamless fabrics add versatility for builds large and small.
** 7 —  1024×1024 textures

Fun, whimsical, sunny, happy seamless textures!

Whimsy flowers sculpt pack also available.
These textures are available for a short time free on our Midnight Magic board… come slap!
…Or if you don’t want to wait, just purchase at our Barn Store from a vendor or on SL’s Marketplace.  : )

Spring & Easter Specials

29 Mar

In celebration of Spring, Easter and generally warmer weather, we’ve got a few special items with special offers. : )

First…an egg.  What are Spring and Easter celebrations without eggs?  
Egg shapes for your eggs-cellent projects – jewelry, decor, birding, Easter holidays and more – in regular and nano and eggs-tra tiny.  

From ostrich to hummingbird, you’re covered!

 …and these are FREE!  You read that right.  FREE!  
These are a Group Gift and currently in front of the store by the Newest Board.

…annnd we got flowers! 
“Be-ribboned Posies”
Pretty bright seamless flowers with a vintage look on woven cloth accented by strips of grosgrain ribbon are delightful accents for builds large and small. 

** 10 —  512×512 seamless textures

Shown on our Gift Eggs, these are wonderful for many projects

The Posies are currently on our Midnight Magic board.  Yep!  Another freebie for a slap.  
However, you may purchase these if you don’t care to wait.

Posies are shown here with the Calico Flowers.

Next are the “Country Calico Flowers”
Calico cottons became popular for cothing and homewares in the 1700s and have been popular ever since.  Bright flowers on a plain woven background accompanied by solid woven colors to mix and match.

**15 — mixed 1024×1024 and 512×512 seamless textures

Mix & Match-able for a pretty country look

You’ll find these in our Lucky Stepstool – free to you when your first initial is called.
You may also buy these if you want them right away. 

Come by the Trowix Barn for some fun and freebies!

I Love Trees Textures

6 Nov

Dots, hearts, nature.. ahh, nature — all in a cute retro fabric.  What’s not to like?  It’s even free for a slap. : )  

Just the touch in any season. 

The board is set to x / 25, so round up your friends for some free fun! 
….or the texture pack is available to buy if you don’t want to wait.  

It’s here at the Trowix barn!

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