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Tag! You’re it! Mesh Paper Sales Tag

9 Apr

Detailed, realistic original mesh tags ready to use or modify for your store and builds.

TW - HangingSalesPriceTagVend

Clever shadowed taped version for flat surfaced vendors & bulletin boards, too.

TW - PaperSalesTagMP2

Nano versions are included for your tiniest prices and sizes.

Kraft paper textures old and new with Ambient Occlusion Extremely low prim equivalency (PE or LI).


TW - PaperTagDetail2


Just think!  You can tag your old luggage, tag your store sales, tag your dog – you can tag anything!

Only 1 prim.  Keep them handy.


TW - PaperSalesTagMP3

Find all the tags you need at:

Trowix Barn

Second Life Marketplace.


Tag, you’re it!

Even more in the attic – Cheap!

8 Nov

4 loft items added at super low prices! Rainbows, picnic table, hearts!  …and a crock…

When we offer new “Lost in the Loft” items, please check your inventory before buying, some may be past group gifts.

(group gifts are always exclusive for at least 3 months, but usually longer – often a year)

Even more to rummage through in the loft at the Trowix Barn,

or try your luck on the Marketplace for the

Picnic Table.  Happy Rainbows.  Paired Hearts.  or just a Crock.

and while you’re here, we have a small freebie you might want to pick up.


Spring & Easter Specials

29 Mar

In celebration of Spring, Easter and generally warmer weather, we’ve got a few special items with special offers. : )

First…an egg.  What are Spring and Easter celebrations without eggs?  
Egg shapes for your eggs-cellent projects – jewelry, decor, birding, Easter holidays and more – in regular and nano and eggs-tra tiny.  

From ostrich to hummingbird, you’re covered!

 …and these are FREE!  You read that right.  FREE!  
These are a Group Gift and currently in front of the store by the Newest Board.

…annnd we got flowers! 
“Be-ribboned Posies”
Pretty bright seamless flowers with a vintage look on woven cloth accented by strips of grosgrain ribbon are delightful accents for builds large and small. 

** 10 —  512×512 seamless textures

Shown on our Gift Eggs, these are wonderful for many projects

The Posies are currently on our Midnight Magic board.  Yep!  Another freebie for a slap.  
However, you may purchase these if you don’t care to wait.

Posies are shown here with the Calico Flowers.

Next are the “Country Calico Flowers”
Calico cottons became popular for cothing and homewares in the 1700s and have been popular ever since.  Bright flowers on a plain woven background accompanied by solid woven colors to mix and match.

**15 — mixed 1024×1024 and 512×512 seamless textures

Mix & Match-able for a pretty country look

You’ll find these in our Lucky Stepstool – free to you when your first initial is called.
You may also buy these if you want them right away. 

Come by the Trowix Barn for some fun and freebies!

Open Seed Packet Sculpt Pack

21 Feb

If you’re as ready for Spring as I am, you’re going to love this sculpt pack.  : )

An open seed packet and 10 vintage flowers baked textures to add realism to your builds. Carefully crafted for smooth edges & texturing, you will enjoy adding this to your gardening toolbox – office and more clever uses. 

So many flowers & it comes with a nano for.. charm bracelet?

Hooray!  I see Spring-i-ness!

You can get your own Spring-i-ness at the Trowix Barn and even on SL’s Marketplace.

Have the happiest of weeks!

Stacked Hearts – Amazing!

2 Feb

Five hearts… One prim!  Can you do that?  You can now!  

Regular & Nano Hearts – Make Big to Teeny

Stacked up hearts for walls, lamps, sweethearts and everything else you can imagine. At only one prim and LOD2 you can use lots.

These textures are included – Make more! 

Find your heart at Trowix Barn
& on Second Life’s Marketplace

Remember, we ❤ you!

Too cute to keep in the closet!

18 Jan

Our latest sculpt pack is really just too cute to keep in a closet, even if it is a clothes hanger.  A hanger for towels, lacy-frillies, quilts, ladybugs to crawl on, a thoroughly decorative hanger with an ornamental plus – use the heart alone for even more options.

Regular & nano maps for versatility.
Texture is not really needed, color and shine work well.

A fun accent for country & shabby styles.

Happy New Year Stars

1 Jan

For the best new year ever, we have stars.  Stars to feel important. Stars to feel cute.  Stars to swing on.  And stars just because.  🙂 

Many Stars.  Stars of all shapes.  Regular sized & Nano & Wide

You’re not likely to run out of stars with this pack. 
Innovative map sizes to assure clean & crisp 1-prim shapes.

Highly recommended for jewelry… and anything else!

Absolutely *had* to put one on the barn!
(along with that horribly tacky-cute plastic snowman)

Here at Trowix we all wish you the happiest, most blessed and cutest New Year you could ever wish for!!

Trowix, Trowa & Vix
Remember, it’s good luck to stop by Trowix Barn

Handy Dandy Peppermint – Candy!

18 Dec

Festive and fresh for the holidays.  Perfect for last minute group gifts, decorations and more.

Nano, Half-Nano, Wide — the perfect size for any project!

A sculpt pack to be all-season versatile for your builds. Nano, Half-nano, Wide & Regular versions make sure your peppermint will look good at any size. Not only are these tasty-looking candies, but function equally as well for hooks, hangers and nifty decorative pieces. You’ll think of more – enjoy!  

10 Minty Textures included!

Peppermint-y Sticks and a sneak peek at our Mason jar.

Get your Cool (mint) on, drop by the Barn, or visit SL Marketplace.
Keep warm!

Happy Halloween from Trowix!

30 Oct

A cute little kitty cut-out to chase all your Halloween fears away. This lil’ guy comes to you with 2 nano sizes perfect for tiny scares and big smiles. Smooth, undistorted texturing will work for everything from jewelry to packaging.  

Just for you! Just for Halloween! Just for fun!

Don’t let them eat all the candy!

You can pick up you own personal feline guardian at the Trowix Barn.
Have a wonderful weekend!  : )

Treats at Trowix – October Group Gift

15 Oct

Candy corn – what’s Halloween without it? Fewer calories, maybe; but not as much fun. Our candy corn has 2 nano versions small and half-again small, so you can make those calories as small as you like. And for fun we’ve added some happy, whimsy textures. So, go on, have some candy and smiles. 

Happy candies for our Happy Group. : )

What a group!

 Just stop by the Barnwear your group tag and enjoy! 

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