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Year of the Horse – Texture Add-on

15 Feb

In honor of the lunar New Year, an antiqued Asian ink wash art captures the essence of the horse in our texture add-on for “Hanging Wall Scroll”.


TW - YearOfTheHorseWallScrollAddonVend


Fast and easy baked textures for quick decorating and texturing.

*Note: these are textures only.  The “Hanging Wall Scroll” mesh is sold separately.


TW - WallScrollHorseAddon

These are available at the Trowix barn

and on SL’s Marketplace – here.

For all occasions, it’s Trowix!


Details, details, details – for your walls

25 Apr

A detailed adaptation of classic Japanese wall scrolls to give almost any picture or photo a unique look.

Finally!  A place for all those anime pictures you’ve been collecting

…or even your very own photos.

TW - WallScrollVend

The mesh is made so it is easy to texture in-world.  Just select the front texture material and place your picture!

512 x 1024 size or 1:2 ratio is optimal, but you can use other sizes, just adjust to fit.

TW - WallScrollDetail

Original mesh with AO shaders and realistic wall shadow.

Extremely low prim equivalency (PE or LI), 7 materials and smooth texturing.


TW - WallScrollMP1

You can find these Asian beauties at the Trowix Barn

and on SL’s Marketplace.

Never forget … the details!

Kimono Prints 1 – Cute!

29 Jun

Traditional design elements and slightly faded colors make this vintage print perfect in so many settings – from pillows to clothing to walls.  Seamless design and coordinating accent stripes complete this set.
** 14 – 512×512  textures

Ginkgo leaves & plum blossoms for a vintage look.

Kimono print on Trowix Country Attic Loveseat.

We’ve put these in the Lucky Stepstool – free to you when your avatar’s first initial is called.  Or you can buy this set if you don’t want to wait.

Try your luck at the Trowix barn!
Direct Marketplace link here.

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