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Winter Comfy – New & Old

16 Jan

2 Past Group Gifts are now released. If you missed them, grab them now on discount.
Super Cheap!

TW - IceCreamPanel-ValentineBenchMP1

X and O, kiss and hug. Now you can have lots of them for walls and tabletops. 2 versions of this original mesh are included in the pack with AO shaders and realistic wall and floor shadows.

TW - XOXOXLetters - Wall & GroundVend

TW - XOXOXLettersMP1

Shown with: Country Attic Bed, Pillows, Pinwheels & Patches

Pillows!  Don’t forget the comfy pillows.  Wonderfully smooth texturing sculpts, perfect for showing off texture panels and dramatic shaded textures.

TW - PillowsJustVend

Lastly, a NEW Lucky Chair texture pack!  Selected textures from the “Ice Cream Shop” series all done up and tied with ribbon.  Great for Valentine builds.   Come try your luck or just purchase from the vendor nearby… but try your luck first!

TW - IceCreamPanelsVend

Just a few things to make your winter a little cozier.

Find them at the Trowix Barn

and on SL Marketplace.  XOXOX, here.  Pillows, here

Cozy & Cute!

Ice Cream Shop – Fun Fall Look!

16 Nov

I wanted to make a sweet, but not too sweet, build awhile back.  I started making textures for it… and just couldn’t stop.  Loads of ice cream colors – vanilla, chocolate, caramel, strawberry.

Take a look, it’s a fun and sophisticated Fall look!


TW - IceCreamDamask&StripesVend

Inspired by 1960s colors in a Parisian style these seamless damasks and floral stripes are perfect for shops, romantic and Victorian builds.

** 30 — 512×512 seamless & shaded textures


And another pack of textures a bit more modern in style with lots of chocolates and caramels.  Yum!

TW - IceCreamFlowers&StripesVend

Fun modern flowers, plaids and minimalist stripes in tasty ice cream colors.

** 28 — 512×512 seamless & shaded textures


TW - IceCreamFabricsMP1

For your tasty build, find these at the Trowix Barn store

and on SL’s Marketplace.

Guaranteed low calorie!

I thought I saw a butterfly!

25 Apr

I did. I did.

You can, too, with our newest textures.

Summer bright butterflies, chevrons and weaves in fashionable colors will perk up any patio, wardrobe or build. Completely seamless for easy use.

** 11 — 512×512 seamless textures

TW - BrightButterfliesVend

Stylish bright prints and coordinates.

TW - BrightButterfliesMP1

Just right to chase those rainy day blues away!

Get them at the Trowix Barn 

and on Second Life’s Marketplace.

Christmas Stick Tree – Stylish!

27 Nov

Simple design & cute baked textures make an irresistible tree!

Cute or Elegant, have it either way with this stylishly clever mesh tree for your Christmas builds and beyond. Original mesh with extremely low prim equivalency (PE or LI).

Perfect little tree to put in nooks and crannies, bookshelves and windowsills.  Be sure to try linking them, they may be even lower prim equivalency

16 Baked Textures for quick creations.

Have a whole tableful of trees.
This original mesh has extremely low prim equivalency (PE or LI).
Don’t forget to try linking – it may lower the LI even more!

Rustic or refined – we’ve got your mesh!

…at the Trowix Barn

and on Marketplace.

Merry Creating!

Autumn Posies, Plaids & Dots – Spicy!

18 Nov

Spice inspired colors and cute fabrics make a warmly delightful set for the last days of autumn or for spicing up any build. Seamless flowers with and without ribbon accents with plaids and dots

** 10 — 512×512 seamless textures

Use with cool grays and blues for an unexpected pop of color.

Warm up at the Trowix Barn

or stay cozy at home and shop SL’s Marketplace.

Psst!  These are very affordable.

Halloween Vines & Prints – Country Fresh!

19 Oct

Pumpkin vine inspired fabric set for Halloween & all year. Comfortable country colors make it easy to use these on seasonal furniture builds and clothing.
** 20 – 512×512 seamless textures

Seamless textures for Halloween, harvest & year ’round

A pretty look for Autumn, not just Halloween.

You can see these and buy these at the Trowix Barn

or on SL’s Marketplace

We’ll keep a light on!

Wilma’s Plaids – Faded!

20 Sep

Worn and faded plaid, like the recycled broadcloth found in an old scrap basket. Repurpose to shirts, throws, pillows and wherever you need a soft worn look.

**8 — 512×512 seamless textures


Worn plaids for hankies, picnics & dusty western towns.


This set is currently featured on our Midnite Magic board.  Come by, bring your friends to slap the board and get these for free!

…or you can buy them from a vendor nearby at the Trowix Barn or from SL’s Marketplace, here.

It’s nearly Friday!

Rosy Print & Plaid – Cute!

10 Aug

Cheerful, tiny flower print with coordinating woven plaid textures just perfect for picnics, table settings, clothing and anywhere else that needs a bit of sweetness. Mix & Match colors. ** 12 — 1024×1024 textures

Seamless textures for any season of the year.

A pretty bench ready for a summer’s night with Trowix sculpts & textures

Come make your creative time sweeter with Trowix sculpts and textures!

Available at the Trowix Barn and on SL’s Marketplace.

Tiny Bordered Plaids – Handsome!

15 Mar

Handsome woven mini-plaids with contrasting border are perfect for rugs, picnics, pillows, tablecloths and more. Cute, but not too sweet. : ) Both the clean and dirty versions are seamless.

**20 — 1024×1024 seamless textures – 10 clean & 10 dirtied

Tattersall inspired plaids, always in good taste. 

A modern country hallway done in Trowix Sculpts & Textures

Fresh & clean is always in style!

Come check us out >.< at the Trowix Barn or buy from the Marketplace.

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