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Gift Wrap Paper Rolls – Detailed Deco

17 Dec

Holiday decorating can be so many prims.

Our newest mesh makes a great addition to your holiday builds for only ONE prim!

TW - GiftWrapRollsVend

3 highly realistic, beautifully detailed paper tubes for gift wrap, maps, parchments and more. 4 sets of mix and match baked textures included or make your own with UV maps and AO.

Note: This is a mesh object; LI/PE can be affected by size and other variables

TW - GiftWrapTextures

With 8 materials, it’s easy to mix and match the included textures or add your own for your unique look.

TW - GiftWrapRollsMaterials

Wrap it all up for the holidays at the Trowix Barn and don’t forget we have matching seamless textures.

Also available on SL’s Marketplace, here.

Craftsman Coffee Table – Simplify!

5 Aug

A simple coffee table in the Craftsman style, known for clean, straightforward design and precise details is a perennial favorite of decorators and designers.

TW - CraftsmanStyleCoffeeTableVend

Strong, clean lines compliment contemporary styles or contrast beautifully with over-stuffed sofas.

TW - CraftsmanCoffeeTableMP1


To help get your room in shape fast; pair with: “Craftsman Style End Table” Mesh Pack and use our Add-on Texture Packs: “Decorator Woods” & “Garden Party”.


TW - DecoratorWoodAddonCCoffeeTableVend

TW - GardenPartyAddonCoffeeTableVend


Find all you need for your next project at the Trowix Barn

and the coffee table on Second Life’s Marketplace, here.

…and have another cup of coffee, you’ve got the time!

July Sunshine – Hot!

17 Jul


A boldly simple sunny sign with a hint of retro for your garden, house or your shop is our gift to group members this month.


TW - SummerWallSunJulyGGVend


Original mesh made just for SL, this sign has 7 separate materials for texturing fun, Ambient Occlusion shaders, pre-made baked textures and a sunny bright wall shadow.


TW - SunWallSignMP1

Thank you for being the sunshine of our Second Life!

Stop by the Trowix Barn and wear your group tag to receive your gift.


..and shine!

It’s Handweights – Dumbbell!

16 Jul

For individual or group fitness builds these 1 PE barbells are a must.

2 versions are included for realism – ground and hand-held.

TW - BarbellHandweightVend

Two original mesh objects created especially for SL grid are only 1 PE / LI at a normal use size. UV, AO and baked neoprene textures are included.

TW - BarbellMP1

Find these at the Trowix Barn..

and on Second Life Marketplace, here.

Stronger! Better! Faster!


Sun Lounger – Beachy Keen!

26 Jun

For beach, pool and garden builds this Craftsman and Mission inspired sun lounger is sure to please.

TW - SunLoungerChaiseVend

4 versions of this lounger are included in the pack so you can customize your prim count and style.

TW - SunLoungerDetail

Incredibly detailed for the prim count — the above is from the 3 LI version for average avatar, but you can still go lower without the cloth.

TW - SunLoungerMP1

The entire scene pictured above is only 9 PE – that includes 2 prims of grass and the Linden beachball.

For even faster building – Textures!  Baked, shaded and ready to go.

TW - GardenPartyTextureAddonVend2

Lots of textures for both cloth and wooden parts.  These textures will coordinate with all “Summer Garden” textures you may have from last year.

TW - LoungerAddonContact2

TW - LoungerAddonContact1

Tintable textures are included so you can “Do your own thing”.

Luxurious lounging is available at the Trowix barn

and on Second Life Marketplace ( Lounger & Texture Add-on )



We Love Our Group! XOXOX Mesh Letters

12 May

May, time for some group love!

So we are sending you xoxox.

X and O, kiss and hug. Now you can have lots of them for walls and tabletops without worrying about prims. Low prim mesh is always the answer, always.


TW - XOXOXLettersMeshMayGG


2 versions of this original mesh are included in the pack with AO shaders and realistic wall and floor shadows.

…and some pretty cute textures.


TW - XOXOXLettersMP1

[approximately 1 – 2 PE / LI at nomal use size]

Drop by the Trowix Barn.  Don’t forget your Group Tag!

…and get yourself a little love

Details, details, details – for your walls

25 Apr

A detailed adaptation of classic Japanese wall scrolls to give almost any picture or photo a unique look.

Finally!  A place for all those anime pictures you’ve been collecting

…or even your very own photos.

TW - WallScrollVend

The mesh is made so it is easy to texture in-world.  Just select the front texture material and place your picture!

512 x 1024 size or 1:2 ratio is optimal, but you can use other sizes, just adjust to fit.

TW - WallScrollDetail

Original mesh with AO shaders and realistic wall shadow.

Extremely low prim equivalency (PE or LI), 7 materials and smooth texturing.


TW - WallScrollMP1

You can find these Asian beauties at the Trowix Barn

and on SL’s Marketplace.

Never forget … the details!

Tag! You’re it! Mesh Paper Sales Tag

9 Apr

Detailed, realistic original mesh tags ready to use or modify for your store and builds.

TW - HangingSalesPriceTagVend

Clever shadowed taped version for flat surfaced vendors & bulletin boards, too.

TW - PaperSalesTagMP2

Nano versions are included for your tiniest prices and sizes.

Kraft paper textures old and new with Ambient Occlusion Extremely low prim equivalency (PE or LI).


TW - PaperTagDetail2


Just think!  You can tag your old luggage, tag your store sales, tag your dog – you can tag anything!

Only 1 prim.  Keep them handy.


TW - PaperSalesTagMP3

Find all the tags you need at:

Trowix Barn

Second Life Marketplace.


Tag, you’re it!

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