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Tabletop Plate Stand – Props to you!

23 Jun

A cute little plate or picture frame holder for your primitive, country, holiday and whimsy projects.

Great for tables, mantles, shelves and bookcases.

Cast iron new and rusty baked textures included.


TW - TabletopPlateHolderVend


Original mesh made just for SL grid with extremely low prim equivalency (PE or LI) and 4 materials / faces for many creative texturing options.


TW - Table-Plate-Stand

Shown: Plate Stand, Beatrix Potter Textures, Single Wall Plate


TW - Table-Plate-Stand_Crate

Shown: Plate Stand, Star Plate Textures, Display Crate


Find these at the Trowix Main Store or

on SL’s Marketplace – direct link

All the Best to you!

Stars + Flowers = Starflowers

23 Mar

Primitive decor is the inspiration for this versatile piece. A stylish accent with many decors from Contemporary to Country.

Original mesh with Ambient Occlusion and Shadowed shaders and realistic ground shadows. Extremely low prim equivalency (PE or LI), 5 materials and smooth texturing.


TW - StarOnAStickVendLg

[ .5 PE at ~ 1.5m x 1m x 3.0m]

Also, when you’re just not in the mood for stars; Perky, Pert and Pretty flower textures made for “Star on a Stick” Mesh Pack.

**42 — 1024×1024 Baked / UV Mapped Textures for “Star on a Stick Mesh Pack”


TW - StarFlowerTextureAddonVendLg

TW - StarFlowerMP1


You need this cuteness.  You deserve this cuteness.

Get your cuteness at the Trowix Barn

and on SL’s Marketplace – Mesh Pack & Add-on Pack.

…and smile.


Happy New Year Stars

1 Jan

For the best new year ever, we have stars.  Stars to feel important. Stars to feel cute.  Stars to swing on.  And stars just because.  🙂 

Many Stars.  Stars of all shapes.  Regular sized & Nano & Wide

You’re not likely to run out of stars with this pack. 
Innovative map sizes to assure clean & crisp 1-prim shapes.

Highly recommended for jewelry… and anything else!

Absolutely *had* to put one on the barn!
(along with that horribly tacky-cute plastic snowman)

Here at Trowix we all wish you the happiest, most blessed and cutest New Year you could ever wish for!!

Trowix, Trowa & Vix
Remember, it’s good luck to stop by Trowix Barn

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