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Sign Holding Poses

24 Jan

Static poses to use for your creative building.  Show off signs, pictures and so much more.


Trowix - Holding Poses Vend


**Contains: 4 priority 4 poses with relaxed hand position


Use with any animation system or script to get a live look for your projects.

Fits approximately 1.0m x.5m x.2m objects – that’s the size used in the display photo.  The sign used in the photo is our “LOVE Letters Sign” blogged, here.

You can find these at the Trowix Main Store

and on Second Life Marketplace, right here.


Know when to hold ’em.

Hold it! – Hug a flower

29 Sep

I needed some flower hugging poses and kept going, so…

Contains: 5 distinct poses with varied hand positions
(fits approximately .5x.5x.5 objects)

Show off flowers, packages, beach balls and so much more. Use with any animation system or script to get fun look for your projects.

When you left-click on the sales vendor in our store, it will cycle your avatar through the various poses.  Right click to buy all.

Available at the Barn

and on SLM, here.

Hug a flower today!




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