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Tiny Texture Treats – Suede Hearts

18 Jan

Introducing, Tiny Texture Treats from Trowix.

I love making textures, but don’t always have time for a comprehensive, multi-color, shaded, multi-sized pack of textures; so Tiny Texture Treats are here!  I get to make cute textures!  You get super low tiny prices!

A texture match made in heaven.

The first 2 packs are great for Valentine and winter projects.

TW - SeamlessSuedeHeartsPinksVend


TW - SeamlessSuedeHeartsRedsVend


You can find these at the Trowix Barn

and on Marketplace.

Full perm, affordable building materials.

Holiday Gift Paper – Wrap it Up!

16 Dec

4 brand new, coordinated, seamless wrapping papers in 2 resolutions with and without shading.

Whimsy, cute, vintage, retro – something for everyone!

TW - VintageChristmasGiftWrapVend

TW - RetroChristmasWrapVend

TW - KitschDeerGiftWrapVend

TW - ChristmasBearTexVend

Brighten your Holidays with Trowix!

Available at the Trowix Barn

and on Second Life Marketplace.

Bears, Retro, Vintage and Kitschy Deer.

Ice Cream Shop – Fun Fall Look!

16 Nov

I wanted to make a sweet, but not too sweet, build awhile back.  I started making textures for it… and just couldn’t stop.  Loads of ice cream colors – vanilla, chocolate, caramel, strawberry.

Take a look, it’s a fun and sophisticated Fall look!


TW - IceCreamDamask&StripesVend

Inspired by 1960s colors in a Parisian style these seamless damasks and floral stripes are perfect for shops, romantic and Victorian builds.

** 30 — 512×512 seamless & shaded textures


And another pack of textures a bit more modern in style with lots of chocolates and caramels.  Yum!

TW - IceCreamFlowers&StripesVend

Fun modern flowers, plaids and minimalist stripes in tasty ice cream colors.

** 28 — 512×512 seamless & shaded textures


TW - IceCreamFabricsMP1

For your tasty build, find these at the Trowix Barn store

and on SL’s Marketplace.

Guaranteed low calorie!

I thought I saw a butterfly!

25 Apr

I did. I did.

You can, too, with our newest textures.

Summer bright butterflies, chevrons and weaves in fashionable colors will perk up any patio, wardrobe or build. Completely seamless for easy use.

** 11 — 512×512 seamless textures

TW - BrightButterfliesVend

Stylish bright prints and coordinates.

TW - BrightButterfliesMP1

Just right to chase those rainy day blues away!

Get them at the Trowix Barn 

and on Second Life’s Marketplace.

Autumn Posies, Plaids & Dots – Spicy!

18 Nov

Spice inspired colors and cute fabrics make a warmly delightful set for the last days of autumn or for spicing up any build. Seamless flowers with and without ribbon accents with plaids and dots

** 10 — 512×512 seamless textures

Use with cool grays and blues for an unexpected pop of color.

Warm up at the Trowix Barn

or stay cozy at home and shop SL’s Marketplace.

Psst!  These are very affordable.

Fly Away Shabby Stripes – Practical Romance!

28 Aug

A bird on the wing carrying roses romanticizes these practical seamless stripes in medium pastels. Lovely on cottage walls and casual decor. ** 10 — 1024×1024 textures

Sweet words, roses & a dove make ordinary seamless stripes – extraordinary!

A relaxing bench for evening talks made with Trowix creative supplies.

Fly over to the Trowix Barn.  We have all the good goodies!

Also available on SLM, here.

Enjoy your day!

Summer’s Thrill – Prints, Weaves & Stripes

10 Aug

Happy, coordinating flower prints, stripes and weaves with a touch of retro just waiting to add a cool breeze to your creative projects.
** 24 — 512×512 textures

Cute retro flowers on various backgrounds will add a twist to your coastal

Summer’s Thrill textures on our retro chair sculpt

Barefoot-it on down to the Trowix Barn for quality & low prices.

…or get a direct delivery from our Marketplace store, here.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Lost in the Loft – Look UP!

25 Jul

Sometimes, we, at Trowix, have sculpts and textures we aren’t quite sure what to do with.  These might be from custom jobs, personal builds and experiments or past group gifts.

We see no reason not to pass these on to our customers — and usually it will be at  greatly reduced prices.

Enter the “Lost in the Loft” collection.

Remember to look up for Bargains & Bargains. Textures & Sculpts.

Almost everything in our loft is under $L100 – sculpts & textures!

(we do have a texture organizer up there, still a bargain at $L250)

Remember to look UP when you visit the Trowix Barn.  Trowix quality at lower than ever prices.


Flower Treat – Precious!

21 Jul

Country. Casual. Cute. Sunny summers are recalled with these little seamless flower prints with gingham and stripes for your clothing, furniture, walls and more. Create a sweet kitchen, picnic set or follow your own creative muse.
** 8 — 1024×1024 textures

Seamless & Country fresh!

Our Chubby Bench is featured in a summery scene

The cutest retro chair on the block!

This texture set is currently on our Midnite Magic board at the Trowix Barn.

…or you can buy it right away if you don’t want to wait.
Also available on Marketplace
Cute is the Word!

Country Burlap Stars & Stripes – Forever

7 Jul

Handmade and homey with straight-forward graphics, country primitive style will strike a down-to-earth chord for your designs. Seamless textures with a woven look will shine any time of year for comfortable and cozy looks.
** 24 —  1024×1024 textures

Traditional primitive look in country colors.

Stunning for Coastal decor.

Cute for patriotic celebrations or any time of the year!

 Find your stars with the other textures and sculpts at the Trowix barn.
Or on Second Life’s Marketplace – here

Remember, you’re a star!

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